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dusty miller

Any of several low-growing plants that have fuzzy stems and leaves. I think I've got a dusty miller growing in my backyard.
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a dusty answer


a dusty reply

If you ask for something or suggest something and you get a dusty answer or a dusty reply, you receive an unpleasant and negative answer. He asked three times to speak to the king, but each time received a dusty answer. Ask a world-class sportsman to spend several hours testing your product and you are likely to receive a dusty reply.
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a dusty answer

a curt and unhelpful reply. British
The source of this expression is probably a passage in George Meredith's Modern Love ( 1862 ): ‘Ah, what a dusty answer gets the soul when hot for certainties in this our life!’
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not so dusty

(of a person's health or situation) fairly good. British informal, dated
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a dusty ˈanswer

(old-fashioned, British English) an unhelpful or a sharp response to a request or question: When I asked the company what their policy was on this matter, I received a very dusty answer.
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1. n. a very large pair of buttocks. (Use with caution.) What an enormous duck-butt!
2. and dusty butt n. a short person, especially someone with large buttocks. (Rude and derogatory.) The duck-butt who just came in reminds me of somebody I once knew.

dusty butt

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n. the posterior; the buttocks. (see also duster.) I almost kicked him in the rusty-dusty.
References in classic literature ?
Bagheera looked along his ragged, dusty flank and whispered.
The beaten tracks of the deer and the pig, all heading toward the river, had striped that colourless plain with dusty gullies driven through the ten-foot grass, and, early as it was, each long avenue was full of first-comers hastening to the water.
But none of his followers carried a drop of water, so he hastened on to get through the dusty tunnel to the Land of Oz.
To which Mr Venus only replies, shaking his shock of dusty hair, and winking his weak eyes, 'Don't sauce ME, in the wicious pride of your youth; don't hit ME, because you see I'm down.
It was not a shabby, dingy, dusty cart, but a smart little house upon wheels, with white dimity curtains festooning the windows, and window-shutters of green picked out with panels of a staring red, in which happily-contrasted colours the whole concern shone brilliant.
Her grandfather made no complaint, but he sighed heavily as he leaned upon his staff, and vainly tried to pierce the dusty distance.
Dubai: Forecasters say there are chances of heavy showers over some areas and light rain over Fujairah and Jebel Jais on Monday, while the rest of the country will either be partially cloudy or dusty.
The Royal and Ancient, renowned for its Sunday lunches and steak nights, is often fully booked on a weekend and switching to the revamped Dusty in Dunbottle Lane will give them chance to expand.
As the only natural born son of Roy Rogers and raised by the famous entertainment couple, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Dusty has been acting and performing since birth.
She said: "We've had Dusty since he was six months old and he's part of the family.
Cairoli and the rest of the cast waited - Dusty had missed her cue, and the audience could not only see that Springfield was distracted, but many of them also saw the little girl in the wings standing there.
Fans of the first film will recall how humble crop-dusting plane Dusty Crophopper made big in the world of competitive racing.
Dusty had squeezed through a two-inch gap under the shed door, set up camp and was being cared for by the home-owner who was feeding him.
wDin ch wa as strN ma Du and DuB cide Ass Nevertheless, he re-mained in contact with Dusty and his wife Jen, and they spoke about Dusty's love of sea fishing.
Nevertheless, he remained in contact with Dusty and his wife Jen, and they spoke about Dusty's love of sea fishing.