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But in the years since Dennis Lillee strode out with his metal weapon, on-pitch dust-ups have become significantly less good-humoured.
After the lack of fight accused at times under Laudrup, Swansea have spent the past 48 hours playing down reports of having too much of it as training ground dust-ups betrayed the tensions of being too near trouble with four games to go.
Beijing frequently protests meetings with the Dalai Lama, and the dust-ups have become something of a diplomatic ritual for Obama, who faced Beijing's ire when he met with the Tibetan leader in 2010 and again in 2011.
There have been dust-ups in Dubai and anger in Abu Dhabi in recent months over rising rents - but it's real estate in Sharjah that might beat both to touch highs last seen before the dawn of the financial crisis.
I've had my domestic dust-ups," the Daily Express quoted Haye, as saying.
It wouldn't take too many dust-ups like these before the vaunted "Three-Legged-Stool" is over turned completely.
And then there's the litter, antisocial behaviour and myriad episodes of shouting, swearing and domestic dust-ups.
DIFC COurTS IS proving hard to ignore for multi-national firms looking to settle corporate dust-ups.
Political dust-ups in Par-liament aside, Tsvetanov also again finds himself in a public war of words with the judiciary, in a saga that potentially could be damaging as the European Commission considers how well or otherwise Bulgaria is coming up to scratch in European Union standards of justice and home affairs.
I am looking forward to having many more dust-ups with those two Honda reprobates.
The investigation is the latest in a series of dust-ups between O'Connell and other elected officials and city officials since O'Connell took his seat on the council a year ago this month.
Since joining Tottenham in 2008, he has been involved in numerous touchline dust-ups.
Such dust-ups are nothing new, as Yagoda cites "a scandal a year" since 1960.
Dean Pithie won the Commonwealth superfeatherweight belt there and Neil Simpson's win in 2001 ranks among the most dramatic domestic dust-ups of the last decade.
As a loyal defender of the temple of environmental holiness that is the UK grocery industry, I have had my fair share of dust-ups with this crowd and their unwashed hair-shirted acolytes over the years, but they were all so pissed up on dandelion and burdock aquavit that they beckoned me over.