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Then teach her resilience skills to lift herself from that fall, dust herself off, learn from it and move on to face the next challenge wiser from the hurdle she just overcame.
Luckily, she managed to dust herself off with only a slight redness in her cheeks, and no broken bones means she can continue to write her column every week
If anything happened she would laugh, get up, dust herself off and get on with it.
She's enjoying every single minute, the highs and the lows and if she gets voted off before the final then she'll pick herself up, dust herself off and keep going because this is her dream.
Mr Blair visited just before he resigned, although Insp Smith had to quickly dust herself off before he arrived as a bomb had just gone off outside the building
OUIJA BOARD once again showed her marvellous resolution with another stirring effort against Dylan Thomas in the Irish Champion Stakes, and it was time to dust herself off and get back to basics on the across-the-flat gallop on Racecourse Side yesterday morning.