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super duper

childish slang
1. adjective Excellent or awesome. Usually hyphenated and used before a noun. Tommy got a super-duper new video game console for Christmas. A: "How was the water park, Billy?" B: "Oh gee, Mom, it was super duper!"
2. adverb Extremely; very much or to a great degree. We're all super duper excited to meet your new girlfriend! It was super duper hot in Spain, so we stayed on the beach most of the time. Aw, jeez, I'm super-duper sorry about that!
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and super-dooper
mod. excellent. That’s just super-duper. Couldn’t have asked for better.
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"Our first product is the Duper Pro Desktop 3D printer which will bring 3D printing to every household"
Super Duper Alice Cooper bills itself as "the definitive, extraordinary story of the man and the myth that is uniquely Alice Cooper." The film certainly is about as definitive as a rock documentary--it claims to be a "doc opera"--gets: the majority of the generous voice-over narration (there are virtually no "talking head" interviews) is provided by Alice Cooper himself, along with all of the major players in the story--bandmates, managers, family members-plus a laundry list of rock royalty, offering ringing endorsements of Cooper's influence and legacy.
He gave Shark a Super Duper Toothbrush, some minty toothpaste, and a pack of Big Fish Fun Floss.
The Bone Collector MLT-Super Duper field point target from Morrell features a Nucleus center, bright green cover and a two-year guarantee.
"It takes weeks and months to grow flowers," you say, "unless you use Super Duper Flower Seeds." Tip the envelope so that the seed strip falls out onto the table.
When a boy named Harry sneaks out of bed one night with his best friend, Horsie, to play with his Super Duper Bubble Blooper--an out-of-this-world adventure begins!
"They're a super duper couple," People magazine quoted Lane as saying.
I SAT up till 3am on Super Duper Tuesday watching the primaries.
Delightfully written with the tactful intertwining of recipes and personal memories, A Taste Of Nostalgia features delicious recipes ranging from Egg Kichel--Eyer Kichel; Super Duper Chocolate Cake; and Rice Pudding; to Roasted Garlic Potatoes; Fruit-filled Mandlebroit; and Stuffings For Chicken.
It includes R&B from the last few months, including Trick Me by Kelis , Hey Ya by Outkast, See It In A Boy's Eyes by Jamelia (right) , and Joss Stone's Super Duper Love.
All you need is the Super Duper Music Looper, your PC, and a little imagination.
Super Duper Sumos Animated children's series premiered on BBC1
Super Duper Markets supplied by Scrivner in upstate New York will bear a new trading name, Jubilee Foods, under a plan devised by the wholesaler.
'That face you get when you forced him to pose with you in this super duper cute pink 'wawa' place!!!!
This time they're here with another super duper promo.