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dun (someone) for (something)

To nag or bother someone to pay money owed. Don't answer the phone—creditors keep dunning me for money that I just don't have right now.
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dun someone for something

to harass someone to pay a bill or deliver something. If you don't pay the bill, they will dun you for it day and night. My job is to dun people for payment of their bills.
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"During the emergence, trout will take the dun or the nymph."
This is good advice, for it reduces the number of patterns required to fish either emergence effectively to two--a nymph and a dun. If you expect to hit both hatches concurrently, simply tie a nymph and a dun for each hatch.
The best way to determine an appropriate fly is to capture a local specimen (nymph, dun, and spinner) and examine it carefully.
HACKLE: Blue dun, 5 turns palmered over thorax, clipped on bottom.
Farm Pixie completed Dun's red-letter day in the second Open Maiden Race.
However, Dun didn't panic and conjured a renewed effort from her mount who easily reeled in the leader, before staying on strongly after the last to score by two lengths.