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dun (someone) for (something)

To nag or bother someone to pay money owed. Don't answer the phone—creditors keep dunning me for money that I just don't have right now.
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dun someone for something

to harass someone to pay a bill or deliver something. If you don't pay the bill, they will dun you for it day and night. My job is to dun people for payment of their bills.
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Defending barrister Thomas Mckail said Dunning had had problems with domestic abuse and ensuing alcohol addiction.
Heading into spring training, Dunning was rated the No.
In addition, Dunning leveraged his control of the credit union to gain favorable treatment for himself and his businesses for loans, interest payments, transfers among accounts and other expenditures.
After the meeting, Cllr Dunning said that the group will stand as independents in May - apart from Doreen Rudland and Wendy Wall who will not stand again.
Beyond the contribution that this book makes to the study of these early Christian texts and early Christian identity formation, the concluding chapter reveals that Dunning's research has much wider implications.
After the party, Dunning ended up at colleague Jessica Randall's Dundee home with a group of sixth-year pupils, Randall and another teacher.
On striking Dunning from the register, the panel said: "We considered the conduct fell within the definition of being disgraceful and dishonourable in the eyes of competent teaching colleagues."
The panel directed that Ms Dunning's name should be removed from the teaching register and said: "The sub-committee considered the conduct fell within the definition of being disgraceful and dishonourable in the eyes of competent teaching colleagues of good repute."
Dunning failed to make the 100m butterfly final when she finished ninth in the semi-finals.
Dunning, from Hednesford, will be looking to force her way into the medals after just missing out last time, finishing fourth in the 200 metres butterfly and sixth in the 100m.
Dunning is currently recovering from the injury that he sustained in the dying minutes of the National One game against Sedgley Park before Christmas.
Australian prop Matt Dunning is preparing for his second major battle this week when he packs down against new Wales scrummaging sensation Chris Horsman tomorrow.
STREET wardens have been praised by pensioner John Dunning after they found his stolen scooter.
Andrea Buckley, of Meltham, a Yorkshire ladies county team regular, faced the experience of Heckmondwike's Doris Dunning - and won.