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dun (someone) for (something)

To nag or bother someone to pay money owed. Don't answer the phone—creditors keep dunning me for money that I just don't have right now.
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dun someone for something

to harass someone to pay a bill or deliver something. If you don't pay the bill, they will dun you for it day and night. My job is to dun people for payment of their bills.
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Dunning also leveraged this authoritarian control to gain favorable treatment for himself and his businesses for loans, interest payments, transfers among accounts and other expenditures.
Dunning added the operators of the two firms were looking for a succession plan for when they eventually retire.
During the trial, Dunning had admitted responsibility for Ms Kirton's death, saying: "It's my fault but I didn't mean to do it.
Dunning admits the party went on into the early hours but insists she did not drink much and the only contact she had with the boy was when he helped remove broken glass from her foot.
Semi-finals: Radcliffe 20 Dunning 21, Buckley 21 Lockwood 15.
Link says that he and Dunning looked at the films they were distributing and figured, "We can make one of these.
Dunning, shown at left, pleaded not guilty to all felony charges in U.
Dunning, 48, claimed he was attacked by his partner and retaliated by punching her - unaware he was holding the blade.
She proudly dressed each one of her five children in it when their turn came, including Nana Jean Dunning who inherited the gown.