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dunk in(to) (something)

To push someone or something into a liquid. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dunk" and "into." Being nice to your little brother does not include dunking him into the pool, OK? I can't eat French fries without dunking them in ketchup first.
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be a slam dunk

To be predicted or expected to be successful. All the best players in school are on our team—victory will be a slam dunk!
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slam dunk

1. noun Literally, a goal scored in basketball by putting the ball straight down into the hoop with one's hand. The move isn't worth more points than a traditional basket, but it is a show of force, dominance, and skill. Because of his incredible height, Sam racked up more slam dunks than any other player in the league.
2. noun By extension, a forceful, dramatic success or accomplishment, especially one that is completed handily or easily. This conviction was a slam dunk for the district attorney's office. Their latest smartphone is yet another slam dunk for the electronics manufacturer.
3. verb Literally, to score a slam dunk in basketball. Sometimes hyphenated. You need to stop trying to slam dunk every time you're near the net. She's been slam-dunking against the other team all evening.
4. verb By extension, to achieve a forceful, dramatic success or accomplishment handily or easily, often at the expense of someone or something else. Sometimes hyphenated. The incumbent president has slam dunked his opponent in every televised debate so far. If we can slam-dunk this proposal, we'll get enough funding to see us through to the end of next year.
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dunk someone or something into something

 and dunk someone or something in
to submerge someone or something in something, fully or partially. They dunked him into the pool as a way of celebrating. Liz pulled the cup of coffee toward herself and dunked in her doughnut. She dunked herself into the cold water for just a minute.
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slam dunk

1. Lit. [in basketball] a goal scored by shooting the ball down from above the rim. He was wide open and scored on an easy slam dunk.
2. Fig. an action or accomplishment that is easily done. Finishing that project with all his experience should be a slam dunk for George.
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slam dunk

A forceful, dramatic move, as in That indictment was a slam dunk if ever there was one. This expression is also often put as a verb, slam-dunk, meaning "make a forceful move against someone," as in This is a great chance for us to slam-dunk the opposition. The idiom comes from basketball, where it refers to a dramatic shot in which the ball is thrust into the basket from above the rim. It was transferred to other activities from about 1980 on.
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be a ˈslam dunk

(American English) be something that is certain to be successful: The case looked like a slam dunk for the prosecution.
In basketball, a slam dunk is the act of jumping up and putting the ball through the net with a lot of force.
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slam dunk

1. tv. & in. to force a basketball into the basket from above. (see also jam.) Wilbur slam dunked another one, raising the score from 108 to 110.
2. n. an act of making a basket as in sense 1 Another slam dunk and Wilbur ties the score again!
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Before making his winning dunk, Mitchell peeled off his Jazz jersey to reveal a vintage Carter jersey from the Toronto Raptors.
Going with Nance, whose dunk over Kevin Durant might be the best dunk of the season, could be the best choice.
The Bulls pulled out a victory, though, when Zach LaVine stole an inbound pass and cruised in for an uncontested dunk with 12.
Staples, whose 360 between-the-legs slam over two people was the only dunk to get a perfect 30 from the judges, led all dunkers with a total of 57 points.
Brown showed he's quite the dunk contest historian.
Green won the slam dunk contest at the 2005 McDonald's All-America High School Game, then watched some, but not all, of last year's NBA Slam Dunk Contest on television.
It will perhaps go down as one of the most memorable dunk contests in history as the two finalists made it difficult for the four judges composed of PBA legends Bogs Adornado and Atoy Co, actor Ramon Bautista and PBA Press Corps President Barry Pascua to declare a solo winner.
1 -- 2 -- color) Shannon Brown's Lakers teammates can't stop talking about Brown's dunks, such as an alley-oop against Utah on Wednesday, below.
College Slam Dunk Contest has become hotbed for finding Globetrotter high-flyers
NBA fans have been salivating over a potential high-flying rematch between NBA studs LaVine and Aaron Gordon, who both captivated audiences with a gravity-defying showdown during last year's Sprite Slam Dunk competition.
The big news to come out of the documentary however was the revelation that Erving, the first and only man who has ever jumped from the foul line to dunk a basketball is still doing it at his advanced age.
Tennessee-bound Renaldo Woolridge scored 65 points out of 70 on his first three dunks and scored a 56 on his final attempt to hold off Highland of Palmdale's Kyisean Reed.
The widely-documented feat is listed on several sports and fan sites as one of the greatest dunks of all times - garnering Air Up There a spot among top NBA and streetball stars.
Newsome's back-to-back dunks gave Meralco a 104-103 edge with 5:04 left on its way to a 119-113 win and a 2-1 series lead.
Russell Westbrook said he only watches highlights of his dunks on YouTube when someone else pulls up the Web site and asks him to come take a look.