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dunk in(to) (something)

To push someone or something into a liquid. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dunk" and "into." Being nice to your little brother does not include dunking him into the pool, OK? I can't eat French fries without dunking them in ketchup first.
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dunk someone or something into something

 and dunk someone or something in
to submerge someone or something in something, fully or partially. They dunked him into the pool as a way of celebrating. Liz pulled the cup of coffee toward herself and dunked in her doughnut. She dunked herself into the cold water for just a minute.
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slam dunk

1. Lit. [in basketball] a goal scored by shooting the ball down from above the rim. He was wide open and scored on an easy slam dunk.
2. Fig. an action or accomplishment that is easily done. Finishing that project with all his experience should be a slam dunk for George.
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slam dunk

A forceful, dramatic move, as in That indictment was a slam dunk if ever there was one. This expression is also often put as a verb, slam-dunk, meaning "make a forceful move against someone," as in This is a great chance for us to slam-dunk the opposition. The idiom comes from basketball, where it refers to a dramatic shot in which the ball is thrust into the basket from above the rim. It was transferred to other activities from about 1980 on.
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be a ˈslam dunk

(American English) be something that is certain to be successful: The case looked like a slam dunk for the prosecution.
In basketball, a slam dunk is the act of jumping up and putting the ball through the net with a lot of force.
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slam dunk

1. tv. & in. to force a basketball into the basket from above. (see also jam.) Wilbur slam dunked another one, raising the score from 108 to 110.
2. n. an act of making a basket as in sense 1 Another slam dunk and Wilbur ties the score again!
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Biscuit + (mug of tea) x length of immersion = a jolly dunked bikky.
Magazine editor William Sitwell said: 'We discovered the ginger in ginger nuts was really magnified when dunked.
Nabisco Biscuit Company takes snacking to a new level with Oreo Magic Dunkers, an innovative new Oreo that interacts with kids to create swirls of blue milk when dunked.
Using a machine that sniffs the dunker's breath as they eat, the scientists also found that up to ten times the flavour is released into our mouths if a biscuit has been dunked into a hot drink first.
Justin Darlington, also known as "Jus Fly," dunked a ball after performing a cartwheel right outside where the Lakers play.
Sasha Vujacic -- yes, the 200-pound Vujacic who loves to shoot 3-pointers -- drove baseline and dunked over both Bynum and Lamar Odom.
When we dunked the biscuits by applying hot tea we found the breaking strength went down.
As if that isn't enough, Dees will personally tar and feather the tax man after he's been dunked and slimed.
Crumbly, but dunked for up to nine seconds before crumbling into the tea.
It's a good day to go in the water,'' laughed Brown, who dunked his former teacher 10 times in the searing heat.
Controversial dunk: USC was unhappy Arizona forward Andre Igoudala dunked during warm-ups in front of the officials without receiving a technical foul.