dunk into

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dunk in(to) (something)

To push someone or something into a liquid. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dunk" and "into." Being nice to your little brother does not include dunking him into the pool, OK? I can't eat French fries without dunking them in ketchup first.
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dunk someone or something into something

 and dunk someone or something in
to submerge someone or something in something, fully or partially. They dunked him into the pool as a way of celebrating. Liz pulled the cup of coffee toward herself and dunked in her doughnut. She dunked herself into the cold water for just a minute.
See also: dunk
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I could also have done without some of the politicking, especially the almost gleeful way some of those on the No side treated it as slam dunk in the referendum.
Just which is the best biscuit to dunk in your cuppa?
Westbrook's flying leap with Longmire watching helplessly from below the hoop might be the most intoxicating dunk in Westbrook's 37-spot collection on Youtube.
Brown) went down and pumped his shoes up, and I tried the best to use his dunk in a different kind of way.
He also left a finger-roll layup short at the rim in the closing seconds of the second quarter and couldn't elevate for a dunk in the third quarter after spinning past Allen in the post.
But he redeemed himself with a steal and dunk in the game's final minute.
Twice they failed to connect on a dunk in which Brooks lobbed the ball from 50 feet away and Jones was to collect the bounce off the floor and deliver a one-handed slam.
But Andersen could join him by delivering a dunk in which he rotates 540 degrees in midair, about as many turns as his basketball career also has taken.
Huff put his signature on the fourth quarter with a reverse dunk in the closing seconds.
She dribbled to the basket and with her right hand threw down the first dunk in the six-year history of the women's league.
The early signs were all good for O'Neal - from the fast break he led and finished with a dunk in the first quarter to the crossover dribble and 8-foot jumper in the lane in the second quarter.
Erving won it with a dunk in which he leaped from the foul line - a move later copied by Michael Jordan and Barry.
He promptly scored on a double-clutch reverse layup and found Garnett with a no-look, over-the-head drop pass - while still airborne - for a dunk in the West's 94-92 loss.