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dunk in(to) (something)

To push someone or something into a liquid. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dunk" and "into." Being nice to your little brother does not include dunking him into the pool, OK? I can't eat French fries without dunking them in ketchup first.
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dunk someone or something into something

 and dunk someone or something in
to submerge someone or something in something, fully or partially. They dunked him into the pool as a way of celebrating. Liz pulled the cup of coffee toward herself and dunked in her doughnut. She dunked herself into the cold water for just a minute.
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slam dunk

1. Lit. [in basketball] a goal scored by shooting the ball down from above the rim. He was wide open and scored on an easy slam dunk.
2. Fig. an action or accomplishment that is easily done. Finishing that project with all his experience should be a slam dunk for George.
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slam dunk

A forceful, dramatic move, as in That indictment was a slam dunk if ever there was one. This expression is also often put as a verb, slam-dunk, meaning "make a forceful move against someone," as in This is a great chance for us to slam-dunk the opposition. The idiom comes from basketball, where it refers to a dramatic shot in which the ball is thrust into the basket from above the rim. It was transferred to other activities from about 1980 on.
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be a ˈslam dunk

(American English) be something that is certain to be successful: The case looked like a slam dunk for the prosecution.
In basketball, a slam dunk is the act of jumping up and putting the ball through the net with a lot of force.
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slam dunk

1. tv. & in. to force a basketball into the basket from above. (see also jam.) Wilbur slam dunked another one, raising the score from 108 to 110.
2. n. an act of making a basket as in sense 1 Another slam dunk and Wilbur ties the score again!
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To learn more about Slam Dunk, visit Slam Dunk Networks at the SIA Conference, booth #1833 or visit www.
Unlike VANs, VPNs and other solutions, no capital investment is required to use Slam Dunk.
Slam Dunk One, a Boeing 737, will fly a special charter flight as its maiden passenger voyage today from Dallas to Los Angeles carrying three families from the Dallas Ronald McDonald House.
Mr Jackson said also found was the picture of a man holding money which Dunk admitted was him and that it was around PS2,000 from about two weeks of drug sales.
In tests, the sweet treat routinely achieved a dunking time of one minute, although dunks of up to one minute 17 seconds have been recorded.
Now, however, dunking is in the mainstream and one of Britain's poshest shops -- Waitrose, no less -- has declared its verdict on the best and the worst biscuits to dunk.
By contrast, a 5'6" teenager needs a vertical leap of 45 inches to make the dunk.
Others selected include College Slam Dunk semi-finalist Bryan Narcisse of Clemson University; Division II All-American Stefan Bonneau of C.
Griffin was extremely impressed by the dunk, calling it the best one he's seen in person.
While the games were great, the highlight of the afternoon was the slam dunk competition at halftime of the boys' game.
London, Israel, Ghana and Kenya to Encourage People to Dunk a Ball Through a Hoop of Any Kind to Raise Awareness and Funds
Younger people are most likely to dunk - over 55% of 18-24-year-olds confess to the habit, according to a survey by the manufacturers McVitie's.
3 A dunk enriches the cocoa flavour, melting its centre just enough to bring a chocolate finish to the tongue.
In "Slam-Dunk Science," you read about how the position of a pivot point can determine whether a slam dunk shatters the board or barely twists the rim.