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be down in the dumps

To be visibly sad or depressed. Molly's been moping around all week, and I have no idea why she's so down in the dumps. Rob has been down in the dumps ever since Gloria broke up with him.
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brain dump

1. The act of writing down all of one's current thoughts or necessary tasks, as to help one become more organized. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, a brain dump really helps me to sort out my thoughts and see all of the things I need to do.
2. The act of communicating a large amount of information all at once or in a short span. Sorry for the brain dump—I just have a lot on my mind.
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down in the dumps

Sad or depressed. Molly's been moping around all week, and I have no idea why she's so down in the dumps. Rob has been down in the dumps ever since Gloria broke up with him.
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1. noun, slang Any building that is or looks very run-down or decrepit. Why they decided to move their office into a dump like this is beyond me. I know this place is a dump, but it's all we could afford.
2. noun, slang Any building or room, especially a residential one, that is extremely untidy and unclean. This room is a dump, Bradley! You're not going anywhere until you've cleaned it! Their apartment was so nice when they first moved in, but they've let it turn into a real dump over the years.
3. noun, rude slang An act or instance of defecation. Be right back, I've got to go take a dump.

dump a/(one's) load

1. slang To defecate. I wouldn't mind the neighbor's dog getting into my yard if it didn't always dump a load on my lawn!
2. slang To vomit. When I had the flu, I spent most of the time dumping my load and couldn't eat for days.
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dump on (someone or something)

1. To snow on someone or something. Ugh, another storm system is expected to dump on us this weekend.
2. To inform someone of one's problems or woes. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dump" and "on." I'm sorry I just dumped it on you like that, but I had to tell someone about my mom's illness.
3. To unexpectedly and unreasonably delegate something to someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dump" and "on." Can you believe the boss dumped all this work on me the day before my vacation?
4. To dispose of something somewhere. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dump" and "on." You can't just dump all your old furniture on the sidewalk and expect the trash men to take it.
5. To criticize someone harshly and undeservedly, often due to frustration. I know you're stressed about the wedding, but can you please stop dumping on me? I didn't intentionally bring the wrong box of place cards!
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dump out

1. To empty the contents of some container by pouring them quickly and roughly out. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dump" and "out." The object of the verb can refer to either the container or its contents. She dumped her purse out on the counter as she frantically tried to find her keys. Now, don't just dump out those ball bearings, or they'll scatter everywhere.
2. To force someone to exit a car or other vehicle very abruptly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dump" and "out." She dumped me out in front of my house and drove off without a word.
3. To throw something away. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dump" and "out." Can we please dump these old leftovers out? They're starting to smell.
4. To discard something completely, especially very abruptly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dump" and "out." We had to dump out nearly half the script because it just wasn't coming together the right way.
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info dump

The act of communicating a large amount of information all at once or in a short span, especially in a creative work. The info dump at the beginning of the second chapter is really unnecessary and just slows the whole story down. Sorry for the info dump—there's just so much to catch you up on!
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toxic waste dump

A person, place, or thing that is extremely repugnant, hateful, or extremely socially unacceptable. How that toxic waste dump ever got promoted to general manager is beyond me. This social media platform has turned into a toxic waste dump over the past few years.
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down in the dumps

Also, down in the mouth. Discouraged, depressed, or sad, as in She's been down in the dumps ever since she lost the match, or What's wrong with him? He's so down in the mouth about everything. The noun dumps has been used for "a state of depression" since the early 1500s, and down in the mouth, alluding to the downturned corners of the mouth as a sign of misery, dates from the mid-1600s.
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down in the dumps


in the dumps

1. If you are down in the dumps or in the dumps, you feel depressed. Try to be sources of support for each other when one of you is feeling down in the dumps. I was in the dumps when I met Jayne. I was clearly not living the kind of life I should live.
2. If a business or economy is in the dumps or down in the dumps, it is doing badly. California's economy is unlikely to stay in the dumps for more than two years.
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down in the dumps

(of a person) depressed or unhappy. informal
In early 16th-century English dump had the meaning ‘a fit of depression’, a sense now surviving only in this expression.
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down in the ˈdumps

(informal) depressed; miserable: I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps since I lost my job. OPPOSITE: on top of the world
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1. tv. & in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. She turned green, and I knew she was going to dump.
2. in. to defecate. (see also dump one’s load.) He dumped and then came back.
3. n. an act of defecation. (Usually objectionable.) He had a dump and then came back.
4. n. a low or cheap establishment; a joint. My mama didn’t raise me to spend the rest of my days in a run-down dump like this.

toxic waste dump

n. a horrible person or place. Frank, stop acting like a toxic waste dump and do as you’re asked.
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down in the dumps, to be

To be sad or dispirited. The “dumps” referred to are not the modern rubbish heap but a heavy, oppressive mental haze or dullness (from the Dutch words domp and German dumpf). The expression was used several times by Shakespeare (Titus Andronicus 1.1; The Taming of the Shrew 2.1; Much Ado about Nothing 2.3) and was well known as “in the dumps” until the eighteenth century. See also down in the mouth.
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Soil from the dumps had much higher concentrations of the dioxins and furans than the other sites did.
Sand reclamation is not a replacement for new sand purchases--it merely keeps the useful material in the sand for the maximum amount of time, reducing both the amount of new sand required and used sand to be dumped. Reclaimed sand doesn't require the same properties as new sand, but it must achieve the required properties for the castings being produced.
Environmental campaigners Greenpeace called on shareholders in Basle-based chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant Novartis, at their general meeting on March 21, to support the decontamination of chemical waste dumps in the Basle area.
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