dump load

dump a/(one's) load

1. slang To defecate. I wouldn't mind the neighbor's dog getting into my yard if it didn't always dump a load on my lawn!
2. slang To vomit. When I had the flu, I spent most of the time dumping my load and couldn't eat for days.
See also: dump, load

dump one's load

1. . Sl. to empty one's stomach; to vomit. He's had too much to drink and is dumping his load.
2. and dump a load Sl. to defecate. (Crude. Potentially offensive. Use only with discretion.) He had to go dump a load. He dumped his load and settled back down to work.
See also: dump, load
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Fold the rear seats and the 1620 litres will easily take your rubbish dump load or newly purchased flat-pack furniture.
To get this flow, a total steam dump flow was first determined from measured highest RCS temperature (auctioneered) and the reference temperature (Tref) signals (see Figure 6(a)), which have been sent through steam dump load rejection controller.
The ELC comprises three-legged CC-VSI with an IGBT based chopper switch and a series resistor known as the dump load. The capacitor bank is essential for providing the no load excitation to the SEIG [9].
Packed into about 3,000 square feet of space, the goods became a donation instead of a dump load.
grew into one of the nation's largest waste-hauling empires and fostered a nice-guy image with green ad slogans on TV and sponsorship of National Public Radio, despite its dump load of environmental fines.
Our role was twofold: one to install a 3.3kV HV network and secondly, we also provided each property with a dump load facility to allow the residents to benefit from the extra energy generated as a source of cheap heating.
this shall employ an export limit system (els), private wire and dump load to limit export to within the existing 80kw g59 agreement.
Surplus Masses will mainly transported to the dump load. Tipper Lass obtained by the contractor.
Isaac Geffers, the executive officer of the Wausau-based Headquarters Company for the 173rd Brigade Engineer Battalion and the officer in charge of the Barron County Task Force, his team of nearly 30 Soldiers and Airmen are clearing an average of approximately 60 10-ton dump loads of debris per day, in addition to running a wood chipper roughly nonstop.
The frame adapts the cart to dump loads from a forklift or hook hoist.
'GARDEN TAX' ROW Samantha Morgan Where I live there's a little lane just a few hundred yards away from my house and since the charge started people just dump loads of garden waste there.
Then low and behold a local had decided to dump loads of rubbish at the side of the road.
Trucks dump loads of mixed recyclables in a large bay at the top of Blue Mountain's main facility.
The unit reaches a maximum loading height of 90 inches, enabling the 1/2-cubic yard loader bucket to dump loads in hard to reach areas.
During most of the winter, though, storms over Lake Ontario dump loads of snow onto the region, and when I arrived there in the middle of January, the base was a few feet deep in powder.