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dummy run

A trial or practice version of an event, done to prepare for (and mitigate any possible problems during) the real thing. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Let's do a couple dummy runs of your speech so you feel totally comfortable with it for tomorrow's ceremony.
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dummy spit

A childish, angry overreaction to a negative situation or outcome; a display of bad temper, likened to a temper tantrum of a child. "Dummy" here refers to the British term for the device used to soothe babies (called a pacifier in the US or a soother elsewhere), which they may spit out when in the middle of a tantrum. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. John had a dummy spit when I told him I'd sold his old comic book collection.
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spit (out) the dummy

To have a childish overreaction or angry outburst to a negative situation or outcome; to act in a bad-tempered manner, likened to a temper tantrum of a child. "Dummy" here refers to a plastic teat used to soothe teething infants (also called a "pacifier" in the U.S. or a "soother" elsewhere), which they may spit when in the middle of a tantrum. Primarily heard in Australia. John spat the dummy when I told him I'd sold his old comic book collection. Don't go spitting out the dummy just because Cheryl got the promotion instead of you.
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dummy up

1. To suddenly stop talking or refuse to speak, typically due to a particular reason. Naturally, everyone dummied up as soon as the check came. Our usual informant dummied up when he realized there was a mole in the department.
2. To create a mock version of something. I'm going to dummy up the layout for this month's issue before our next meeting with the boss.
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sell (one) a dummy

1. In rugby or soccer, to feign a pass, kick, or other maneuver in order to deceive an opponent and get around them. He tried selling me a dummy in a last-ditch effort to score a try and tie the game, but luckily I caught on to what he was up to and managed to bring him to the ground.
2. To sell or pass off something to someone that ultimately proves to be worth nothing or less than promised. I'm sorry, but that's definitely not an authentic Louis Vuitton bag. They sold you a dummy, my friend.
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dummy up

Sl. to refuse to talk. Jill dummied up when they got her into the station. John dummied up right away when the police arrived.
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spit the dummy


spit out the dummy

If you accuse someone of spitting the dummy or spitting out the dummy, you are accusing them of behaving in a bad-tempered and childish way. He spat the dummy when his wife decided to go back to work. They are taking the money but not talking to us. If they want to spit out the dummy, that's their affair. Note: The image here is of a bad-tempered baby spitting out its dummy.
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a dummy run

A dummy run is an occasion before an important event when you practise doing something, in order to make sure that it will be successful when you do it properly. Before we started, we did a dummy run, checking out all the streets and offices we would use, and planning our escape route. If it is not possible to do a dummy run in the hire car, calculate how long the journey to the church will take on the day.
See also: dummy, run

sell someone a dummy

(chiefly in rugby or soccer) deceive an opponent by feigning a pass or kick.
See also: dummy, sell, someone

spit (out) the dummy

behave in a petulant way. Australian informal
See also: dummy, spit

dummy up

1. To refuse to talk or to stop talking suddenly: I was told to dummy up until my lawyer arrived.
2. To make a model of some publication or page layout: Dummy up the first page and I'll look at it. If you're finished proofreading the article, dummy it up.
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beat the dummy

and beat the meat and beat one’s meat and beat the pup and choke the chicken and pound one’s meat and pull one’s pud and pull one’s wire and whip one’s wire and whip the dummy and yank one’s strap
tv. to masturbate. (Usually objectionable.) Are you going to sit around all day pulling your pud? We heard him in there “choking the chicken,” as the street crowd says.
See also: beat, dummy

whip the dummy

See also: dummy, whip

chuck a dummy

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. Somebody chucked a dummy on the patio.
See also: chuck, dummy


1. n. an empty liquor or beer bottle. Toss your dummies over here, and I’ll put them in the bin.
2. n. a cigarette butt. The guy tossed a dummy out the window of his car.
3. n. a stupid person. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t be such a dummy.
4. n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his little dummy and ran for the bedroom.

dummy up

in. to refuse to talk. (see also clam up.) Rocko dummied up right away. He’s a real thoroughbred.
See also: dummy, up

My mama didn’t raise no dummy

sent. I’m not stupid. Sure I know the difference between good and bad. My mama didn’t raise no dummy.
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A second Isight workflow was employed in the final post-processing task to help determine the correlation between results from different versions of Abaqus software on identical dummy tests.
There's a reason that the computer models mimic the dummy instead of trying to go straight to the source and represent a living human.
Sarah adds: ``If a child has a dummy for too long it can affect the appearance of their teeth.
If this happens, it is doubtful if the rest of the incorporators whom he allowed to use him as dummy will admit to the dummy arrangement or agree to assume the criminal or civil consequences of that action.
If kids wander about all day with a dummy it can affect their speech as it restricts their tongue.
We begin with the same setup, holding the dummy in clear view and near the dog's mouth.
My mother hated them with a passion and took every opportunity to remove Firstborn's dummy whenever she came to visit.
The researchers, whose study is published online in the British Medical Journal, concluded that using a dummy during sleep was linked to a 90% reduced risk of SIDS compared to babies who did not use a dummy.
Trading standards officers are concerned that the dummies, sold as costume jewellery, look very similar to normal dummies but do not conform to the relevant safety standards of a dummy.
In one contest, linemen climbed a 45-foot power pole to rescue a dummy hanging from a belt.
Every child who agreed to give Santa their bottle or dummy was rewarded with a gift.
Blaze IF supports all modern CMP design rules, including allowed density upper and lower bounds, density smoothness constraints, dummy via insertion, dimension constraints and pattern types for dummies, dummy-to-dummy spacing, and spacing between dummies and functional trenches or wires, based on the planarity requirements for the inter-layer dielectric (ILD) overlying the metal.
Whenever she is playing without her dummy etc - you go out of your way to celebrate that and to reward that.
Prior to the lesson allow pup to sniff and briefly mouth the dummy to become familiar with it.