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The numbness - or dumbness - lasts up to 24 hours and Sheilas' Wheels is urging female drivers not to drive until the side effects have worn-off - so that they can 'feel' the pedals and be able to brake suddenly without discomfort or fear of damaging the affected area.
As you can imagine, the whole sordid affair gets ridiculously confused and confusing as the various unsympathetic characters try to out-do each other in the dumbness stakes.
"I'm not opposed to all wars," he states, "I'm opposed to dumb wars." He's referring to the dumbness of Iraq, a risk-free position.
There's a lot more dumbness to go around, but staying aloft, on the runway or conscious is a good start.
Apparently, there are varying levels of dumbness to which a dumb jock can be assigned.
dumbness. Thus soon after the opening lines there is "adjustment /
Freck isn't the only one strung out on the mysterious drug known as Substance D (so named for causing "dumbness, despair, desertion and death").
Tenner's article blames Google for contributing to making consumers dumber, with dumbness actually measured by ability to understand what they are reading on labels.
Popular culture may improve the abstract, artificial spatialization and problem solving that IQ tests measure, but smartness there complements dumbness elsewhere.
I guess I am just tired of educators' media-related dumbness. Why is it that every sector of the commercial media exhibits more media savvy than the educational media?
The most considering consequences of violence in mass media (Kosir et al.) are mimicking and dumbness. For the consequences of use of mass media the content of television shows is not so important, but in what social and communication environment they do so.
could not seem to understand general semantics formulations and exhibited a condition which would ordinarily be labelled "dumbness." I was trying to help her with a severe depression.
The skin, the lodging inside dumbness a slight breeze frees