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(It is arguable that, in his vision of charity, Balzac anticipated the Grameen Bank for which Muhammad Yunus recently got the Nobel Peace Prize.) Laforgue does not want to follow generations of left-wing Balzacians who have found the novel dumbly reactionary.
We chant in unison with Obama that we want change, we yell "yes we can," and then stand dumbly by as he coldly votes away our civil liberties.
The pinnacle of Henri Lloyd's offshore collection uses Gore-Tex [R] three-layer fabric technology to provide breathable comfort and dumbly waterproof and windproof protection.
grey clouds wrestle dumbly overhead, shouldering away the quiet.
She seems to miss Virgil's intent altogether when she writes: "In his nostalgia for the lost golden age, Virgil shows an intuitive grasp of the havoc wrought in human life by urbanization and warfare." Virgil indulges no such nostalgia for the golden age, a time when humans lived little better than animals feeding dumbly off the earth.
"[O]nce the announcement was made, the officers were free to enter; it would serve no purpose to require them to stand dumbly at the door awaiting a response while those within brawled on, oblivious to their presence," Roberts wrote.
We are just acting on premises that "were worked out some time ago during a little something called the Enlightenment." In short, we are the true liberals, and it is the scholars who have become "Thought Police" either by actively working to exclude us or by sitting "dumbly by, allowing campus totalitarians to determine what can be said and what can be read on their campus."
By Ghaith Madadha Bleary eyed and unable to summon the required energy or resolve to march into the kitchen to refresh the slowly melting ice cubes in my drink nor to even put down my book, I sat dumbly acquiescent to watching the extroverted, now sleeping contestants-cum-lab chimps hoping for a crack at the big time through the medium of Reality TV.
Later on, Fox addresses stereotypes head on when he writes that the "pantheon" of "recurrent thematic tropes" in country music (mama, train, drink, heartbreak, etc.) "is a metadiscursive resource, not a dumbly mechanical template" (p.
Perhaps it was the anticipation of going to such an enormous and foreign place like Washington DC with the inevitable wide-eyed, dumbly gazing, culture-shocked, deer-in-the-headlights tourist routine.
Occasionally in the past the Tartan Army have irritated me in giving the impression they were more concerned about partying and dumbly following some of the poorest displays in living memory.
But the Spree still make you feel dumbly happy, especially on tracks such as Soldier Girl, Light and Day, King and Sun Machine.
Each dumbly trying to recall the world she lives in.
He is a perfect example of a Christian life dumbed down and dumbly lived.
Here Crosby's underlying convictions become at last apparent; space travel is the ultimate journey of our species, the destiny towards which history has been dumbly striving for millennia.