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Melbourne, July 24(ANI): Indian call centres are teaching their staff that Australia is the world's "dumbest continent" where people "drink constantly" and are "quite racist", American news magazine Mother Jones has said in a report.
So sometimes even the dumbest answer (Q: "Where are the Thunderbirds based?" A:"Stingray") might be a smart move.
GARDAI believe they captured Ireland's dumbest criminals when two would-be burglars were caught drinking a stash of stolen beer in a GRAVEYARD
Even today the dumbest lines get into the most distinguished mouths.
My dumbest investment happened some 30 years ago, when I bought into a limited partnership focused on thermal energy.
POP flop twins Jedward have been branded the dumbest celebrities around in a cruel new poll.
The show, which is being called the dumbest dating show ever, is set to premiere in October on HDNet.
MCGREGOR first earned the title of Scotland's dumbest criminal in 2002 when he ended up in hospital.
The crook, who struck in Darlington, Co Durham, has been dubbed a contender for Dumbest Criminal In Britain by Police magazine.
Thus, even the dumbest among us could be left in no doubt that when he said motorists should get out of their vehicles and use public transport he did not actually believe one word of it.
My dumbest investment move was listening to Marc Faber, who predicted a market plunge.
That's probably the dumbest thing you'll ever hear him say.
It was like, 'this was so profound somebody's gonna find this one day and it's going to change their life.' It was the dumbest s**t you've ever heard in your life," she added.
Goody's fame -or notoriety - has been brought about by one of the dumbest television concepts of recent times and the more gullible members of the public have fawned over her, stupidity mistaking it for innocent charm.
These are just two of the "dumb and dumber" stories collected by Bill Crawford and Margaret Mosor in their book Rock Stars Do the Dumbest Things.