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dumb bunny

A stupid, silly, or naïve person, usually used in an affectionate or endearing (if condescending) manner. Ah, don't mind him; he's just a dumb bunny, but he is harmless. Oh, my darling! You are the sweetest dumb bunny I've ever known.
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dumb (something) down

To make something less complicated to accommodate a less intelligent, educated, or sophisticated audience. The professor decided to dumb down the course material a bit after most of his class failed the first exam. I think we ought to dumb the play down a bit; after all, most of the people coming to see it won't have a PhD in drama.
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play dumb

To pretend that one has no or little knowledge (of something); to act ignorant or uninformed (about something). I don't think I'm supposed to know that Rick is getting fired, so I'm just going to play dumb the next time I see him. A: "Did Tammy ask you about my date with Steve?" B: "Yeah, but I played dumb about it. I just couldn't handle more of her drama today."
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strike (someone) dumb

To render someone speechless, as due to a great surprise or shock. My father's sudden resignation from the company struck each of us dumb.
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be struck dumb

To be rendered speechless or dumbfounded, as due to a great surprise or shock. We were all struck dumb by my father's announcement that he was resigning from the company.
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a dumb priest never got a parish

You'll never get what you want if you don't ask for it. Although I'm nervous, I'm going to ask my boss for a raise. After all, a dumb priest never got a parish, so what's the worst that can happen if I ask?
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dumb shit

1. rude slang Something stupid or trivial. I won't argue with you about this dumb shit for a second longer!
2. rude slang A stupid person. Listen, you dumb shit, I'm in charge here, so you better do what I say! Oh right, like I would listen to him—he's a dumb shit!
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play ignorant

To pretend that one has no or little knowledge (of something); to act ignorant or uninformed (about something) I don't think I'm supposed to know that Rick is getting fired, so I'm just going to play ignorant the next time I see him. A: "Did Tammy ask you about my date with Steve?" B: "Yeah, but I played ignorant about it. I just couldn't handle more of her drama today." A: "What vase?" B: "Don't play ignorant with me! You know which one I mean!"
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deaf and dumb

rude Unable to hear or speak. I'm afraid that the head trauma has left Lady Edwina deaf and dumb, so we will need to find a new way to communicate with her.
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deaf and dumb

unable to hear or speak. (Used without any intended malice, but no longer considered polite. Sometimes euphemized as "hearing and speech impaired.") Fred objected to being called deaf and dumb. Aunt Clara—she was deaf and dumb, you know—lived to be over 100.
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How dumb do you think I am?

Inf. Your question is insulting. I am not stupid. (Shows agitation. An answer is not expected or desired.) Mary: Are you really going to sell your new car? Sally: Come on! How dumb do you think I am? Tom: Do you think you could sneak into that theater without paying? Bob: Good grief! How dumb do you think I am?
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play ignorant

 and play dumb
to pretend to be ignorant [of something]. I played ignorant even though I knew about the surprise party. John played dumb when I asked him if he knew who had been on the telephone.
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dumb bunny

A stupid person, as in She was a bit of a dumb bunny but very nice. This expression implies some toleration or endearment of the person. [c. 1920]
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dumb as a post

If you describe someone as dumb as a post, you mean that they are very stupid. She's one of the most famous physicists in the country, and she's dumb as a post!
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be struck ˈdumb (with something)

be suddenly unable to speak (because of shock, fear, etc.): We were struck dumb at the sight of three armed soldiers in the kitchen.The witnesses were struck dumb with terror. ▶ ˈdumbstruck adj.: When I found out that I had won first prize, I was dumbstruck.
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dumb down

v. Slang
To simplify something excessively in order to make it suitable for a less educated or less sophisticated audience: The researchers dumbed down the report before releasing it to the public.
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dumb bunny

n. a stupid person; an oaf. Who’s the dumb bunny in the double-knits?
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dumb cluck

n. a stupid oaf; a person as stupid as a chicken. Sally is not a dumb cluck, but she is sort of slow.
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dumb Dora

n. a stupid woman; a giddy woman. Who’s the dumb Dora with the blonde hair and long fingernails?
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dumb ox

n. a large and stupid person, usually a man. Do you think I’m going to argue with that big dumb ox?
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and stupid-ass
1. mod. stupid; dumb. (Usually derogatory.) That was a real dumb-ass thing to do. That is so stupid-ass!
2. n. a stupid person. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t be such a dumb-ass! You know what I mean!


n. a very stupid person. What a dumb-dodo you are!


and dum-dum
n. a stupid oaf; a dullard. Marvin is no dum-dum. He just looks that way.

dumb Dora

A dimwit female. The phrase was popularized by George Burns and Gracie Allen's vaudeville act in which Gracie played the hysterically illogical character that she later made famous under her own name during the pair's radio and television career. Chic Young, better known for his Blondie comic strip, illustrated a foolish flapper named Dumb Dora. The cartoon lasted under several other illustrators from 1924 till 1935, well before “dumb blonde” became all the rage.
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Landlord Nicholas Down today said Gardiner, whose camera haul was worth around pounds 10,000, was "the dumbest criminal in Plymouth - even in Britain".
Investments in technology: If the dumbest thing you can do in a downturn is to ignore your people, the second dumbest is to curtail your budget on information technologies.
From the time of Atget's self-designation as a maker and seller of "documents photographiques," photographers have tenaciously and repeatedly discomfited the notion of art by negating and degrading it, finding new potential in the dumbest, most mechanical aspects of the medium, in radical reductivist procedures that Jeff Wall has referred to as "amatuerization.
Remember when Bill Clinton was, according to the pundits and the news media at large, a bumbling rube, a spineless, clueless, left-wing twit, the dumbest stump ever to inhabit the White House?
NASDAQ: TSCM), a leading provider of financial commentary, analysis and news, won the Society of America Business Editors and Writers' (SABEW) "Best in Business" 2006 award in the column category for "The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week.
That's probably the dumbest thing you'll ever hear him say.
REAL STEEL 12A WITH an opening scene featuring a 15ft robot punching a 2000lb bull in the face, Real Steel announces itself as the biggest and dumbest of this year's blockbusters.
JASON wins a major award this week - no, not dumbest builder of the year, but Mr Gay Weatherfield.
Lohan, 21, who's just been named Hollywood's dumbest star, wore her striped top - and hair - scrunched up during the day, then let it (and her hair) down for a night out in Los Angeles.
As it is, Zidane ramming Materazzi in the chest and subsequently being booted out of the game rates as the single dumbest meltdowns in the history of sports.
Those were the two dumbest words I ever said,' Tenet told 1,300 people at Kutztown University, in Pennsylvania.
Tbe Addiction wedded Abel Ferrara's beautifully intense direction in nocturnal black and white with one of the dumbest scripts ever written; Clint Eastwood's Tbe Bridges of Madison County worked a few aural and visual wonders with its own dubious literary source.
The dumbest thing about the much maligned "West 57th' is not that it is often fluffy; the network news divisions have had fluffy fare for years.
AIMS Worldwide assembled a review panel to identify examples of wasteful mass-market advertising, which it showcases on the recently launched 'World's Dumbest Ad' section of its website at www.