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'Were these Umno indignities and humiliations a vindication of what Mahathir said about Umno branch leaders become 'dumb and dumber' or was Zahid parroting what DAP was telling him - as if DAP is not only directing Mahathir but also directing Zahid as the grand puppet-master in Malaysia?
I have never said I was dumb, that's what people assume..
With a dumb phone you dont keep staring at your phone while walking, commuting, lying down, and eating.
The next phase will consist of training bankers on the terminologies in sign language, as well as teaching deaf and dumb the essential banking transactions they might need.
The court directed Punjab government to devise policy within one month for providing jobs to the deaf, dumb and disabled persons who come upto norms of merit.
Dumb shows have rarely been given specific critical attention from any perspective, let alone performance.
Playing dumb especially is a smart strategy in the digital age where we are doing so much more talking, texting, and tweeting.
"Dumb And Dumber To" was written and directed by the Farrelly brothers, Bobby and Peter.
At the risk of applying rose-colored glasses to reconsider a film that aspired to be nothing more than a lobotomized Three Stooges routine, the original "Dumb and Dumber" possessed a certain je ne sais quoi that distinguished it from its fellow bottom-feeders.
''Dumb and Dumber To'' edged out the animated Disney adventure ''Big Hero 6,'' which took in $36 million in its second week.
The Dumb Waiter is the story of two hitmen as they wait in a basement for their next assignment.
made me dumb When I had only you on my mind So I took the red necklace
Some of the best things in life arrive on the lighter side, and so it is with Dumb Things, with its joie de vivre observations--as in 'Customer Service 101', which uses National Customer Service Week to reflect on her years as an industry manager based on training at 'Nag U', a "...
She was playing a game called 'Dumb Ways To Die', a game with a wicked sense of humour and a completely zany concept.