dull as ditchwater

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(as) dull as ditchwater

Very boring or unexciting. This phrase is often used to describe a person. My date with Dave was not great—he is as dull as ditchwater. I fell asleep during that movie because it was as dull as ditchwater. That lady is nice enough, but she's just dull as ditchwater. Like, I didn't need a 10 minute recap about how she almost lost her keys this morning.
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dull as ditchwater


dull as dishwater

If someone or something is as dull as ditchwater or as dull as dishwater, they are very boring. He's a dull writer and that's a fact. Dull as ditchwater. `Most of the politicians in Ontario are dull as dishwater,' he said. Note: The expression `dull as ditchwater' is over 200 years old, whereas `dull as dishwater' is a more recent variant. The reference is to the dull dirty colour of the water in ditches or in washing-up bowls.
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(as) dull as ˈditchwater

(British English) (American English (as) dull as ˈdishwater) very boring: Best-seller or not, the book sounds as dull as ditchwater to me.
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Paul Rudd is showing off a super-hot bod at the mo - but training to get into shape sounds dull as ditchwater. The US star, 46, says it was super-boring without food or booze.
The highlights reel of his tries was as dull as ditchwater, featuring a succession of walk-ins from two yards out after brilliant work from centre Matt Gidley.
well only among those whose own sex lives are non-existent or dull as ditchwater!
One London reviewer described it as 'pretty as a picture, but as dull as ditchwater', while another summed it up as 'a right old mess'.
LIFE behind the counter of a lonely truckstop is dull as ditchwater for Lana Turner, above, - then swarthy stranger John Garfield happens by and the pair begin a passionate affair which ends in death and double- cross.
The couple, who are getting married this year, are portrayed as a dull as ditchwater pair - claiming it's "exciting" news that Mark bought a new shed.
The mesmerisingly awful Ann Widdecombe aside, the Beeb's 8th annual ballroom blitz is as dull as ditchwater. A drama-free bore-athon.
THE first leg was as dull as ditchwater and there is every chance of a repeat when Chelsea host Olympiakos for a place in the quarter-finals this evening.
Even Jackie (Blythe Duff) cracked a smile last week, though it could have been a nervous tic prompted by the realisation she had just got engaged to the dull as ditchwater Brian.
But when I watched the internationals over the past week, England's games against San Marino and Estonia were dull as ditchwater, apart from Wayne Rooney's superb free-kick in Tallinn.
IN one of those run-of-the-mill, dull as ditchwater, quotes-based football stories I was reading yesterday, Rio Ferdinand was bemoaning the lack of goals Manchester United were scoring at the moment and saying the team needed to up their scoring rate if they were going to win any silverware this season, writes Steve Palmer.