(as) dull as ditchwater

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(as) dull as ditchwater

Very boring or unexciting. This phrase is often used to describe a person. My date with Dave was not great—he is as dull as ditchwater. I fell asleep during that movie because it was as dull as ditchwater.
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dull as ditchwater


dull as dishwater

If someone or something is as dull as ditchwater or as dull as dishwater, they are very boring. He's a dull writer and that's a fact. Dull as ditchwater. `Most of the politicians in Ontario are dull as dishwater,' he said. Note: The expression `dull as ditchwater' is over 200 years old, whereas `dull as dishwater' is a more recent variant. The reference is to the dull dirty colour of the water in ditches or in washing-up bowls.
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(as) dull as ˈditchwater

(British English) (American English (as) dull as ˈdishwater) very boring: Best-seller or not, the book sounds as dull as ditchwater to me.
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JAMES MILNER has a huge following on twitter - celebrating the fact he's dull as ditch water.
After all, we had a string of Champions League finals that ended 1-0 and were dull as ditch water.
The Vagina Monologues is regarded as sharp and witty by fans,and dull as ditch water by some critics.