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dine with Duke Humphrey

To go without dinner. The phrase refers to the story of a man who, while visiting the tomb of Duke Humphrey of Gloucester, was locked in the abbey—and thus missed dinner. A: "Why are you so hungry? Didn't you eat dinner?" B: "No, I got stuck in a meeting, so I dined with Duke Humphrey!"
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duke it out

1. To physically fight someone. Watch out, there's two guys duking it out in the back of the bar! I duked it out with some guy last night and earned myself a black eye for my troubles.
2. To contend with someone or something for something. In such a big family, my siblings and I always have to duke it out for our parents' attention.
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duke out

slang To strike someone and cause unconsciousness. A noun or pronoun can be used between "duke" and "out." I bet a lot of money on that boxer, so I hope his opponent doesn't duke him out.
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put up (one's) dukes

cliché To raise one's fists in preparation for a fight. Often said as a command, though this in itself is particularly clichéd and old-fashioned. I put up my dukes, expecting him to strike me at any moment. I ain't gonna let nobody insult my good character—come on and put up your dukes!
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duke it out

Sl. to have a fistfight. John told George to meet him in the alley so they could duke it out.
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duke someone out

Sl. to knock someone out. Wilbur tried to duke the guy out first. Bob duked out the mugger with a jab to the cheek.
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put up one's dukes

Fig. to be prepared to fight. He's telling you to put up your dukes. Put up your dukes and be a man!
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duke it out

fight it out. North American informal
Dukes or dooks are ‘fists’, especially when raised in a fighting position. The word comes from rhyming slang Duke of Yorks, ‘forks’ (i.e. fingers).
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and duke (duk)
1. mod. really bad. (see also the entry for duke.) This day was really dook!
2. in. to defecate. Mom, I gotta dook.
3. to perform anal sex. (Offensive if understood.) The dude wanted to dook me!


See dook


1. in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (see also dukes.) She’s in the john, duking like a goat.
2. Go to dook.

duke it out

phr. to have a fistfight. John told George to meet him in the alley so they could duke it out.
See also: duke, out

duke someone out

tv. to knock someone out. (see also dukes.) Wilbur tried to duke the guy out first.
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1. n. the fists. Okay, brother, put your dukes up.
2. n. the knees. He went down on his dukes and prayed for all sorts of good stuff.
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Put up your dukes!

A challenge to fight. The “dukes” in question were fists, which the challenged party was asked to clench in preparation to trying to punch his opponent. But why “dukes?” The word comes from Cockney rhyming slang “Duke of York,” meaning “fork,” held at mealtimes by a clenched fist. Similarly, “duke it out” remains a general term for fighting.
See also: put, up
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