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The Steward ducked to escape the heavy jewel, which crashed against the door just over his left ear.
I ducked beneath his raised arm, and when he wheeled to come at me again he found a sword's point in his face.
He ducked to avoid it, and instead of receiving it in his heart, for which it was intended, he got it on the side of the head.
He aimed a mighty blow at the ape-man's head, a blow which swung harmlessly through thin air as Tarzan ducked from its path, and then the Arab felt the other's horse brushing his leg, a great arm shot out and encircled his waist, and before he could recover himself he was dragged from his saddle, and forming a shield for his antagonist was borne at a mad run straight through the encircling ranks of his fellows.
They struck at me, but I ducked and dodged and ran on.
Quite as a matter of course he ducked, and the fist flew harmlessly past, pivoting the man who had driven it.
mcCoy ducked his head into the binnacle and watched the course set.
Closer and closer we came, and I, lying down forward, was just reaching out to grasp the skiff, when it ducked under the great stern of the Lancashire Queen.