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Finally, the CNPDSUE, DASCE and RDMASUE dictionaries give evidence for the 20th century nominal compound duck butt employed in the sense 'a short person'.
The CNPDSUE and RDMASUE dictionaries single out yet another secondary sense of the compound duck butt, that is 'a hair--style popular in the early 1950s, in which the hair was tapered and curled on the nape of the neck like the feathers of a duck's tail'.
Add in the Flicker Tail Duck Butt, appropriately up-ended and featuring a wind-activated happy tail that lets those on the wing know the buffet is top rate, and you've built a spread of decoys with safety, food and comfort written all over it.
As a graduate of Fresno State University and an avid fan of theirs as well as the Ducks, I find it amusing that Fresno State almost handed coach Bellotti a plate of "Duck Butt."
Present company members, some of whom have been with Harris since the Scanner Boys days, are Clyde "Prophet" Evans, Jr., Brandon "Peace" Albright, Ron "Zen One" Wood, Leslie "Rhino" Rivera, James "Cricket" Colter, Rodney "Duck Butt Baby" Mason, and Harris himself, "Prince Scarecrow." As in traditional African culture, these nicknames are symbolic of the performers' special personalities.