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and duc-ducs (ˈdəkəts and ˈdəkdəks)
n. money. (see also gold.) Who’s got enough ducats to pay for the tickets? I don’t have enough duc-ducs to buy the ducks.


See ducats
References in classic literature ?
Do you know, my dear Villefort," cried the Comte de Salvieux, "that is exactly what I myself said the other day at the Tuileries, when questioned by his majesty's principal chamberlain touching the singularity of an alliance between the son of a Girondin and the daughter of an officer of the Duc de Conde; and I assure you he seemed fully to comprehend that this mode of reconciling political differences was based upon sound and excellent principles.
The duc, sire," continued Gaston, "was nearly where I stand: he was walking in the same direction as your majesty; M.
cried the Duc de Valognes, impatiently; "why on earth shouldn't they meet like other people?
A rare genius who in a time of revolution would have made a brilliant appearance on the surface of events, but who in the fifteenth century was reduced to cavernous intrigues, and to "living in mines," as the Duc de Saint-Simon expresses it.
le Duc de Beaufort" - and Athos sprang towards the door of his house.
The vicomte knew the duc personally," whispered Anna Pavlovna to of the guests.
It was an anecdote, then current, to the effect that the Duc d'Enghien had gone secretly to Paris to visit Mademoiselle George; that at her house he came upon Bonaparte, who also enjoyed the famous actress' favors, and that in his presence Napoleon happened to fall into one of the fainting fits to which he was subject, and was thus at the duc's mercy.
As to morals, he was the lover and the beloved of Tullia and felt himself preferred in heart to the brilliant Duc de Rhetore, the lover in chief.
whose huge nose is recorded by Saint-Simon as the delight of the Duc de Bourgogne (the exigencies of this last anagram required the substitution of a z for an s),--were a never-ending marvel to Colleville.
The influence of the Ducs de Maufrigneuse and de Rhetore, whom he knew in the society of actresses, procured him his employment under government in 1819.
Crawley had an assembly which was attended by the Duchess (Dowager) of Stilton, Duc de la Gruyere, Marchioness of Cheshire, Marchese Alessandro Strachino, Comte de Brie, Baron Schapzuger, Chevalier Tosti, Countess of Slingstone, and Lady F.
She still appeared in her Marquise costume and danced a minuet with Monsieur de Truffigny, Monsieur Le Duc de la Jabotiere's attache; and the Duke, who had all the traditions of the ancient court, pronounced that Madame Crawley was worthy to have been a pupil of Vestris, or to have figured at Versailles.
Just now I'm reading Duc de Likke, Poesie des Enfers," he answered.
An important consideration before implementing a DUC program is the organizational alignment of roles and responsibilities and the relationship between DUC units and State and local transportation agencies.
Regarding ISPA's value to its membership, Le Duc said, "As with any organization, ISPA continually reviews its structure, programs and financial condition.