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and dubya-dubya-dubya
n. double-u, double-u, double-u, the letters WWW found in World Wide Web addresses. (The second version is merely a colloquial pronunciation of double-u, and neither is commonly written or printed.) Our address is dub-dub-dub dot reindeer dot com.


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Dubya himself becomes a blank hole of neutrality and balance.
Why Dubya would voluntarily choose to chow down on something that tastes like overly-salted reconstituted sawdust is beyond me.
Al-Zeidi told Bush: "This is a goodbye kiss, you dog" before being dragged off; SOLE MAN Dubya has to duck to avoid the "size 10" flung at him by furious TV reporter al-Zeidi.
Where is the human freedom, where the dignity Dubya dwells on in Guantanamo?
Maybe even a book with a forward from Dubya that says, "Marvin is compassionate conservatism's leading thinker.
Dubya ducked as both shoes sailed high to the left of his head and smashed into the wall during his farewell trip to Iraq.
Dubya, even as ever more body bags return, will not weaken.
THE kiss and tell memoirs of Sir Christopher Meyer, our former ambassador to the US, bemoan the fact that Tony Blair didn't use the leverage he had with Dubya Bush to stop the rush to war in Iraq.
Still, it wasn't only the rednecks, the born-again Bible-bashers and the oilmen who wanted Dubya to win.
IN an astonishing about-face George Dubya is now seeking United Nations help to sort out the chaos engulfing Iraq.
Molly's list of her favorite signs from recent anti-war marches was great, but she missed one of my favorites: Dubya has mad cowboy disease
MORE fun and games from the wacky world of George Dubya.
enjoying movies with Dubya at the White House, there's a sense that anything is possible.
On the other, we can stay and fight against Dubya and everyone else who blocks our progress.
Dubya and his wife Laura are "retiring" to the exclusive Preston Hollow community in Dallas, Texas, when Barack Obama is sworn in.