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double sawbuck

A nickname for the US $20 bill. I don't get paid till next week—any chance you can loan me a double saw?
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1. verb To copy something. Did you dub this video? The quality is terrible.
2. verb To replace the soundtrack of a film, often to change its language. This movie has clearly been dubbed—that actor's mouth is definitely not saying the English words we're hearing!
3. noun A copy of something. This must be a dub—the quality is terrible.
4. noun A shortening of "double sawbuck," a nickname for the US $20 bill. I don't get paid till next week—any chance you can loan me a dub?

dub in

To add a new recording over previously recorded material. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dub" and "in." If that part of his vocal is garbled, we can just dub in a section of a different take.
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dub out

1. To add plaster or a similar substance over a surface in order to make it even. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dub" and "out." You really should have dubbed the wall out before you started painting.
2. To add a dubstep beat to a song or remix a song in the style of dubstep. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dub" and "out." I just can't believe someone dubbed out "Bohemian Rhapsody." What sacrilege. The studio wants to dub the track out a bit more.
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dub over

To add a new recording over previously recorded material. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dub" and "over." If that part of his vocal is garbled, we can just dub it over with a section from a different take.
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A way of pronouncing "www" (the initialism for "World Wide Web"), as precedes an Internet address. A: "OK, so the address is dub-dub-dub dot—" B: "Hold on, let me grab a pen."

flub the dub

old-fashioned To fail to do what one is supposed to do; to bungle or botch something. Unfortunately, he is notorious for flubbing the dub in similar roles of authority. Why on earth they would put him in charge is beyond me. Everyone knew her political campaign was over after she flubbed the dub so spectacularly in the 1964 Senate election.
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dub something in

to mix a new sound recording into an old one. The actor messed up his lines, but they dubbed the correct words in later. They dubbed in his lines.
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dub something over

to record a replacement sound over another sound in a recording. They had dubbed over all the dialog in the movie. It doesn't matter if you say a word wrong on the tape. We can dub it over.
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flub the dub

Inf. to fail to do the right thing. Martin is flubbing the dub with the fund-raising campaign. Please don't flub the dub this time.
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double saw(buck)

and double and dub
n. a twenty-dollar bill. (see also sawbuck.) This whole thing only cost a double sawbuck. Can you loan me a dub?
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1. tv. & in. to duplicate something; to copy something. Dub this and keep a copy yourself.
2. n. a duplicate; a copy. The dub was so poor we couldn’t understand the dialogue.
3. Go to double saw(buck).


and dubya-dubya-dubya
n. double-u, double-u, double-u, the letters WWW found in World Wide Web addresses. (The second version is merely a colloquial pronunciation of double-u, and neither is commonly written or printed.) Our address is dub-dub-dub dot reindeer dot com.

flub the dub

tv. to fail to do the right thing. Martin is flubbing the dub with the fund-raising campaign.
See also: dub, flub
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flub the dub, to

To loaf or evade duty; also, to bungle or botch. This term dates from the first half of the 1900s and became widely current during World War II. Early on it also was slang for male masturbation, but that sense has not survived. John Hersey used it in G.I. Laughs (1943), “Wanders from barracks to barracks . . . generally flubbing his dub.” And D. Stagg (in Glory Jumpers (1959), “The Air Corps flubbed the dub again and scattered the drop.”
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