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Thus Lerner has written a fine book, and while one hesitates to label any work on a subject so complex as Prohibition as "definitive," Dry Manhattan certainly will be the standard account for some time.
Lantzer's study strives not only to provide a close documentation of Shumaker's activism against alcohol but also to use the dry Hoosier as an exemplar of what Lantzer calls the "Midwest consensus" (6), a mixture of evangelical Protestant devotion, middle-class morality, and reform commitment that energized (and explained) the national prohibition movement.
As Heron notes, the drys may have lost the war, but they continued to win battles long after prohibition ended.
My biggest wild brownie, apart from a 15 pounder I caught trolling on Loch Tay with salmon tackle, which isn't really sport, was caught on the dry fly.
Using two dry flies and a nymph on the tail, Kenny, of Glenmavis, near Airdrie, boated seven nice rainbows weighing 16lb 13oz at the Lake of Menteith.
It was just a matter of casting towards a rising fish and inching back the drys with a very slow figure of eight retrieve.
This is 12-year-old Anouska, who loves to throw girlie nights where like- minded, pre-teen chums bond over bottles of nail polish, while hairdressers perform blow- drys and beauticians provide mud-masks and massages.
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