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1999) "Mechanismen im Reibkontakt trockenlaufender Bremsen und Kupplungen (Mechanism in friction contacts of dryly running brakes and clutches)", Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany
In case the point wasn't clear, the magazine dryly notes that "The numbers of retirees are useful to illustrate potential political impact, or clout.
Written and directed by Norwegian-born, Stockholm-educated Bent Hamer, the movie belongs to a very small subgenre that might be called kitchen sink surrealism - nothing in it seems improbable (indeed, the first half of the movie is so dryly, prosaically observational it borders on tedium), yet it's all weirdly peculiar just the same.
There's been an awful lot of painting-about-painting lately, most of it dryly academic.
Well, I've always said that the recording industry is like the Army: It's run by homosexuals and is completely homopbobic," says Johnson dryly.
Himmelfarb dryly notes that Darwin "preferred a morality independent of religion and untainted by the moral defects of Christianity.
Frankie Boyle is as dryly perceptive as ever on the lighter side of terror, but awarding points purely at random, I make tonight's winner MTW regular Russell Howard.
When one character dryly notes, ``You know you're in the Bible Belt when there's more churches than Starbucks,'' you can feel both the ignorance and contempt.
Schlesinger decided to direct The Next Best Thing because "it was about something," which, he dryly notes, "so many films aren't.
In this piece, images of a mime attempting to carry out the instructions dryly issued by a disembodied voice are intercut by shots of turning heads as if to create the viewer in the work's own image.
Years after the Normandy invasion, when he was once criticized for not being up front with the troops, he remarked dryly, "I planned it and took responsibility for it.
Although they recovered from their Ulster semi-final defeat to Armagh to beat Clare in Ennis last week, the Erne boss dryly commented: "We are on a one game run.
It's a ploy that usually doesn't work, but is so well-written and dryly delivered in this case that it lends the movie a whole extra dimension of meaning.
My ex is, shall we say, a little hooked up in Hollywood," Ferrick says dryly.
The closest thing to bitchiness in an entire year's secret thoughts occurs after a meeting with the Cranberries, who firmly reject Eno's oblique strategies and flexible approaches (the reasons any band wants to be produced by him in the first place): "Dolores has a rather startling clarity of intention about how she wants to record," he notes dryly of the band's obnoxious lead singer.