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Microwave energy is rapidly absorbed by water molecules which, consequently, results in rapid evaporation of water and thus higher drying rates, therefore microwave drying offers significant energy savings, with a potential reduction in drying times in addition to the inhibition of the surface temperature of the treated material [14].
Therefore, the present investigation was undertaken to study the specific energy consumption and physical quality for tomato slices during drying by hot air convection (HA), Infrared radiation (IR) and microwave drying (MW).
Some of the advantages of the microwave heating in drying of foods and agricultural products over the conventional drying methods are faster and bigger volumetric heating, higher drying rate, shorter drying time, better quality of the product, reduced energy consumption and cost savings (Mujumdar, 2000).
The drying trough and the built-in half-shell provision is always customized to comply with the customer's existing barrel technology.
The optimum drying process should be the main objective of industrial and scientific members and actually are focused on saving energy (e.
i) Submerged in boiling water for 3 minutes, drained and cooled immediately in tap water before being taken to the oven for drying (WB).
Offers a series of desiccant dryers capable of drying material to -40 F dewpoint with high efficiency blowers.
He says, "Conventional drying, if done properly, doesn't pose a problem.
0404-40 "TAPPI drying rates of wood-containing paper (excluding newsprint)"
Travelers brought a restoration firm on site within hours to save these materials using a technique known as vacuum freeze-drying, which halts deterioration immediately by freezing valuable papers until a drying technique can be administered.
Plugging these openings keeps the tears in the eye and helps prevent your eyes from drying out.
It is well documented that orthodox seed types (tolerant to desiccation) acquire the ability to tolerate higher drying temperatures without detrimental effects on seed germination and vigor as maturation progresses.
The drying cycle time must ensure adequate handling strength, but the core will continue to dehydrate and cure after it has been stripped from the corebox.
ADC made history in the laundry industry with the introduction of computerized drying.