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Thus to address the sale of alcohol to drunks in the city's nightlife, Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police developed and implemented the Say No To Drunks pilot intervention.
The Say No To Drunks pilot project ran in October and November last year.
The visits were simply used to find out which premises were most "at risk" of serving drunks.
uk Fake drunks' tactics to test staff THE sale of alcohol to a person who is drunk is an offence under The Licensing Act 2003.
The study recommends that drunks should be taken to sobering-up centres rather than hospital or police cells.
In most areas drunks are taken into police custody if no one can look after them.
Second of all, it's a pretty good mix of drunks at a Denny's around that time.
So speaking of drunks, do you ever go out and get sweet?
A "ROGUES' GALLERY" of habitual drunks could be issued to every pub, supermarket and off-licence in Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth as part of a new police crackdown.
Drunk alter egos are a foe many drinkers claim to have come face-to-face with, but although you may think that alcohol has the ability to drastically change your personality, a new (http://journals.