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Irwine, and to all my friends here, who've drunk my health and wished me well.
I just told her plainly that currant wine wasn't meant to be drunk three tumblerfuls at a time and that if a child I had to do with was so greedy I'd sober her up with a right good spanking."
To do her justice, she really believed Anne had made Diana drunk out of sheer malice prepense,???
Do you see, ladies?" he stopped suddenly on the way upstairs to their rooms, "though all my friends there are drunk, yet they are all honest, and though we do talk a lot of trash, and I do, too, yet we shall talk our way to the truth at last, for we are on the right path, while Pyotr Petrovitch .
The bird, drunk with the juice, was quite powerless.
Many drunks are aggressive and are too much for nurses or paramedics to deal with.
But in the beginning, our nation condemned drunks for moral weakness.
A research project undertaken by the university's Centre for Public Health resulted in an evaluation report on Liverpool's Say No to Drunks pilot project being published in April.
I WAS interested to note ScotRail's ban on alcohol and drunks on trains has been deemed a success after just two days.
AMBULANCE staff have to spend more time "scooping up drunks" than dealing with vulnerable elderly patients, a senior paramedic has warned.
UNDERCOVER drunks managed to get served in pubs despite slurring, knocking over tables and chairs, and telling bar staff they'd "been drinking all day".
POLICE are to patrol Coventry city centre pubs and clubs hunting for drunks as part of a crackdown on Christmas binge boozing.
Drunks, Drugs & Debits: How To Recognize Addicts And Avoid Financial Abuse (0967578833, $19.95) reveals that we all have been and are affected by people with addictive behaviors and conditions.
So speaking of drunks, do you ever go out and get sweet?
Any charging scheme is doomed to failure unless the hospital management is given the draconian powers by the WAG or the Westminster Government to apply carte blanche attachment on earnings for those in work, or for drunks in receipt of benefit, recovery of the charge from the Benefits Agency.