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heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men

proverb A phrase used to explain how these vulnerable groups are able to avoid harm. Of course heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men—how do you think Billy's managed to avoid hurting himself when he rides his bike so recklessly?
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like a drunken sailor

In an unrestrained, feckless, and frivolous manner. Usually used in reference to spending money. He always starts spending money like a drunken sailor right after he gets paid, then struggles to cover his rent and bills toward the end of the month.
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spend money like a drunken sailor

To spend money freely and frivolously. He always starts spending money like a drunken sailor right after he gets paid, then struggles to cover his rent and bills toward the end of the month.
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Heaven protects children(, sailors,) and drunken men.

Prov. Children(, sailors,) and drunk(ard)s often escape being injured in dangerous situations. (Often used to express amazement that a child, sailor, or drunk person has escaped injury.) Jill: Did you hear? A little girl fell out of a second-floor window in our apartment building. Jane: Was she killed? Jill: She wasn't even hurt. Jane: Heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men. Mike was so drunk he shouldn't even have been conscious, but he managed to drive home without hurting himself or anyone else; heaven protects children and drunkards.
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like a drunken sailor

With no restraint. A merchant seaman on shore leave with months' worth of pay in his pocket tended to make up for lost time in the drinking and “play-for-pay romance” departments. Fiscal restraint was out of the question. So did miners and cowboys when they too had a chance to go to town, but the image of a sailor prevailed. The sea shanty “What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?” suggests the same idea of a jocular attitude toward an inebriated mariner.
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The chapter differentiates between moral model that classifies a drunkard as morally weak with the Christian theological model that identifies drunkenness as one kind of moral failing and humankind as being afflicted by sinful nature.
A total of 25 areas across the country were selected to take part in the national anti-violence campaign and police were given extra funding to run operations to tackle drunkenness.
Likewise, dry or "sour" wine was thought to be colder and drier than sweet.6 Some physicians believed that drinking wine mixed with water would cause drunkenness more quickly than drinking wine alone because the heavier, colder qualities of the water would cause the wine to move through the system faster.(7) They found beer to be generally cold and wet in quality and warned that immoderate consumption of beer could lead to a more "phlegmatic" drunkenness than that resulting from wine, lasting longer and causing a greater hindrance to movement.(8) Distilled spirits, created through the application of fire, were also believed to contain the qualities of heat and dryness.(9)
"The charge against the respondent (Ram) was of a serious act of misconduct involving drunkenness and misbehavior with the public," the apex court said.
She, however, prayed for the court to dissolve her marriage on the grounds of Abdullahi's drunkenness, refusal to pray and constant beating.
Critique: An erudite work of impressively insightful scholarship, "The Son Conceived in Drunkenness: Magical Plants in the World of the Greek Hero" is a unique and extraordinary contribution to Hellenic Studies.
By PHILIP ONYANGOSchoolcoachesfond of drunkenness during Kenya secondary school activitieshave been warned of punishment, including immediatearrest andlife ban.At the same time, Coast Secondary School Sports Association chairman Juma Bora has asked principals handling all school teams to ensure they are registered with the Teachers Service Commission as is required by the Ministry of Education or risk being locked out of school games.
In August 1952, an American soldier took a "gag shot" of his friend pretending to be drunk in front of a sign warning soldiers of what offences they could be prosecuted for a including drunkenness. The "gag shot" might have been amusing to some, but American alcoholics were a serious problem in Korea in the late 19th century.
For this level of drunkenness, the person filming the event wrote, "[just kidding] momma raised a b ." For added effect, "Night Fever" by the Bee Gees is also blaring in the background.
There were 389 convictions for drunkenness with aggravations in 2015/16, or 17 convictions for every 100,000 people in the area.
Uniquely focusing on the significance of drinkers, drinking, and drunkenness in Mexico City, Deborah Toner discusses how conservatives, progressives, elites, and ordinary Mexicans understood, supported, and challenged shifting ideas about alcohol in everyday life.
Another was arrested for drunkenness amidst more than 40,000 supporters who followed the national team to France.
Five Welsh fans were arrested for drunkenness, two for assault and two for possession of a flare.
Overall, there were 248 convictions for drunkenness with aggravations from April to December 2014, equivalent to 330 for the whole of 2014/15, a drop from 358 in 2013/14.