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heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men

proverb A phrase used to explain how these vulnerable groups are able to avoid harm. Of course heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men—how do you think Billy's managed to avoid hurting himself when he rides his bike so recklessly?
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like a drunken sailor

In an unrestrained, feckless, and frivolous manner. Usually used in reference to spending money. He always starts spending money like a drunken sailor right after he gets paid, then struggles to cover his rent and bills toward the end of the month.
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spend money like a drunken sailor

To spend money freely and frivolously. He always starts spending money like a drunken sailor right after he gets paid, then struggles to cover his rent and bills toward the end of the month.
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Heaven protects children(, sailors,) and drunken men.

Prov. Children(, sailors,) and drunk(ard)s often escape being injured in dangerous situations. (Often used to express amazement that a child, sailor, or drunk person has escaped injury.) Jill: Did you hear? A little girl fell out of a second-floor window in our apartment building. Jane: Was she killed? Jill: She wasn't even hurt. Jane: Heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men. Mike was so drunk he shouldn't even have been conscious, but he managed to drive home without hurting himself or anyone else; heaven protects children and drunkards.
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like a drunken sailor

With no restraint. A merchant seaman on shore leave with months' worth of pay in his pocket tended to make up for lost time in the drinking and “play-for-pay romance” departments. Fiscal restraint was out of the question. So did miners and cowboys when they too had a chance to go to town, but the image of a sailor prevailed. The sea shanty “What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?” suggests the same idea of a jocular attitude toward an inebriated mariner.
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Prosecutor Catherine Richards said Tilby had drunkenly fallen asleep on top of Darian, who had a heart attack but medical evidence could not prove her rolling on to him contributed to his death or rule out sudden infant death syndrome.
Suspicions showed Jezard wandering drunkenly around the airport terminal before crawling through a baggage carousel.
During a shopping trip with Eva, she flirts with Tim, and later she drunkenly insults Beth, Sean and Julie.
Panesar left former county Sussex in August when he was fined for drunkenly urinating on a bouncer after being asked to leave a nightclub, and Essex offered him a lifeline, the report said.
A manager at a top golf hotel was sacked after drunkenly gate-crashing a star bash.
She was last seen dropping her handbag in the street as she stumbled drunkenly into a taxi.
A ONE man crimewave who drunkenly attacked family members, his girlfriend and a total stranger was jailed.
Summary: Two British tourists have been fined 1000 Australian dollars for drunkenly breaking into an Australian aquarium and stealing a penguin.
when you glide along drunkenly in your latest escape and hit the ice,
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) handed down the ban over the incident in June last year, in which Perkins drunkenly bought millions of barrels of oil, pushing the price of Brent crude up more than $2 to an eight-month high.
Yesterday he admitted drunkenly yanking the wheel of their Mercedes M Class car from her as she drove along the A55, shouting he would kill them.
A binman who was caught on camera drunkenly urinating in the driveway of a house and swearing at the owner before he collapsed has been suspended and could face the sack, the city council has said.
So it pleased Hitchens greatly last month to see Gibson get picked up for drunk driving, drunkenly inquire whether the arresting officer was a Jew, and drunkenly declare that the Jews had caused all the wars in history.
THEY tell me the Flat season proper began last week at Newmarket, although to me it looked very much like a continuation of the jumps season, with horses veering drunkenly from one side of the track to the other like three-mile chasers in the Towcester mud.