drunk as a skunk

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(as) drunk as a skunk

Extremely intoxicated from alcohol. Do you remember last night at all? You were as drunk as a skunk! I only meant to stay for one drink, but I wound up getting drunk as a skunk.
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drunk as a skunk


drunk as a lord

If someone is as drunk as a skunk or as drunk as a lord, they are very drunk. I'm sorry, honey. It was my fault. I was drunk as a skunk. She was drunk as a lord for seventeen days. She could do nothing.
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Getting drunk as a skunk, however, wasn't your best move and I think you may find she won't fall for your charms again.
By the end of the meal she was drunk as a skunk and proud of it.
AVRIL LAVIGNE was drunk as a skunk with a mouth like a sewer.
Or he could have said drunk as a lord, drunk as a skunk, trollied, legless, mashed, mullered, blotto, out of my tree, rat-arsed, Brahms & Liszt, shedded, sozzled, rubbered, clobbered, wellied, pickled, inebriated, full of loud- mouth soup, squiffy, stinko, kaylied, off my head, newted, bombed, popped, sauced, wrecked or hooched.
Dr Wisley, 47, said: "A fisherman can be as drunk as a skunk on the pier with his pockets full of heroin and be arrested.