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In that pre-breath-a-lyzer and blood-test age, determining whether a man who had been drinking was drunk was absolutely subjective; if the most credible people around a man were willing to testify that he was drunk, he was drunk.
The blood-alcohol concentrations calculated from the definition of heavy drinking and number of drinks needed to get drunk are positively related to typical blood-alcohol concentrations achieved by American males.
Louis Stokes for drunk driving but initially didn't file charges because they thought congressional immunity protected him.
We focus our enforcement on trying to get the drunk driver off the road, especially during our graveyard hours.
March 1995: Kyne was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving on San Francisquito Canyon Road in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Students may drink to let off steam, or drink to get drunk, or boast about how much they can drink without puking.
Police say that stiffer penalties for drunk drivers is one factor behind the drop in fatalities.
PHOTO Erica Nemback poses for the class picture with her students at Cottonwood Elementary a month before she was killed by a drunk driver.
Fighting drunk driving and underage drinking is absolutely a community effort," said Brett Pontoni of Binny's Ivanhoe Castle & Catacombs Tasting Room.
I certainly understand that if you're arrested for drunk driving, you have the right to a lawyer and the court process,'' Oxenreider said.
Citywide statistics resemble nationwide trends, said Mark Robinson, president of the Los Angeles County Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
As an organization that has worked for the past 15 years in the fight against drunk driving, we know that education and raising awareness are key to saving lives," said Susan Molinari, Chair of The Century Council.
Because they start with less of the enzyme, women will get significantly more alcohol in their bloodstream than men who have drunk the same amount, he says.
Risking the lives of your friends, family and fellow motorists by driving drunk is no way to celebrate," said Mike Brown, Commissioner, California Highway Patrol.
We are not encouraging people to get blind drunk and drive,'' Kennedy said.