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My journey down the road of drumming takes me to a meeting with Ricaurte Villareal, a music professor at the University of Panama and the teacher of Milagros Blades, the little girl whose talent had impressed me so much at the Jazz Festival years ago.
Apart from corporate employees, group drumming has found other enthusiasts too.
"We are just having a jamming session and getting people together." She said she has already witnessed how drumming can be used to bring people out of their shell or to calm youngsters with challenging behaviour.
"Of course, some residents have physical limitations," says Lopienski, "and we have been able to adapt the use of the instruments to meet some of those challenges." To help someone with physical limitations from a stroke, a partner might help that person with drumming. To overcome the inflexibility of hands crippled by arthritis, a jingle stick can be fitted over the wrist with a strap, or a drum can be placed in the lap for the resident to tap on.
Robert Lawrence Friedman, a leading drum therapist and author of The Healing Power of the Drum, has done extensive work with drumming as a healing tool.
Here, though, instead of the ballad, she combines her own riff chorus with son Denardo Coleman's polyrhythmic drumming in an intertextual dialogue with Ellington.
So if an elder suggests that the girls shouldn't be drumming, she is careful to remind them that they must respond to elders in a respectful way.
Researchers found no consistent difference between the drumming of certain species such as ladder-backed and hairy woodpeckers.
Bata drumming assumed enhanced expression, hidden virtues were also discovered and people began to appreciate the intuit intricate values of contemporary Bata drummingbetter.
Drumming Qatar, a band of three men performing African drumming music, is organising a charity show in which two prominent drummers from South Africa and Australia will perform at Sherborne Qatar, Bani Hajer, on the evening of January 19.
"We like to spread the joy and good vibes of drumming. We think it's a fantastic way of getting rid of stress and making new friends.
The drumming clinic has been organised as part of the "With Attitude 2 Drum Clinic Tour" by the Newcastle Drum Centre and The Drum Shop, in Gateshead.
TIPPED to be the latest craze to relieve stress, drumming is a well-known skill currently being used in some of the most unlikely places.
In "Re/vision and Resistance in Caribbean Women's Writings," Fox argues that language, voice, and memory are some of the thematic and aesthetic tools whereby contemporary Caribbean women writers add "a new rhythm to the drumming" of male perspectives (107).
The theme for this year's festival was tagged 'Drumming for Advancement' with the sub-theme 'Drumming for Socio-Economic Development'.