drown (one's) sorrow(s)

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drown (one's) sorrow(s)

To attempt to forget one's troubles through the consumption of something, typically alcohol (to which the phrase originally referred). It's not healthy to just drown your sorrows every time a girl breaks up with you. Quit drinking and try to face reality. Whenever I have a hard week at work, I like to spend Friday night drowning my sorrow in pizza and ice cream.
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drown one's sorrows

Drink liquor to escape one's unhappiness. For example, After the divorce, she took to drowning her sorrows at the local bar. The notion of drowning in drink dates from the late 1300s.
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drown your sorrows

If someone drowns their sorrows, they drink a lot of alcohol in order to forget something sad that has happened to them. He was in the pub drowning his sorrows after the break-up of his relationship.
See also: drown, sorrow

drown your sorrows

forget your problems by getting drunk.
See also: drown, sorrow

drown your ˈsorrows

(informal, often humorous) try to forget your problems or a disappointment by drinking alcohol: Whenever his team lost a match he could be found in the pub afterwards drowning his sorrows.
See also: drown, sorrow

drown (one's) sorrow

To try to forget one's troubles by drinking alcohol.
See also: drown, sorrow
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After November 8, everyone will be partying or drowning their sorrows.
While United fans were drowning their sorrows, Welbeck and Cleverley were both seen dancing in front of friends as they hopped from club to club.
For more comedians celebrating or drowning their sorrows, or perhaps scratching their head in confusion, the after show Live Lock In is at 11.
The Baggies players were left drowning their sorrows after losing 2-0 to Norwich, making it three straight defeats and one win in nine.
I see myself playing in a rundown blues bar with about three people drowning their sorrows.
WITH the Ashes interrupted by downpours, Broad Street was awash with disappointed cricket fans drowning their sorrows until play was resumed.
ITALIAN fans have swapped drowning their sorrows over a dismal Euro 2008 campaign for drowning axed boss Roberto Donadoni.
Out and about in one of her trademark bright, tight dresses, the Girls Aloud star was spotted with friends in Kingdom's VIP room, along with a handful of stars from Holly oaks and Everton FC players drowning their sorrows after their FA Cup exit.
DRINKERS are drowning their sorrows - after the average price of a pint of lager has shot past pounds 2.
THE STORY Set in Africa's Swaziland at the end of the 1960s with independence looming, the film follows young Ralph Compton as his parents' marriage falls apart and the expat community set about drowning their sorrows.
The perpetrators will no doubt be drowning their sorrows after discovering that, following all their hard work, the bottle was empty .
Why is it that Valentine's Day can be a big drag, putting pressure on people to buy flowers and candies as an expression of love while leaving the single set at home drowning their sorrows in a gallon of ice cream?
There were plenty of Aussies in there, drowning their sorrows.
Or perhaps drowning their sorrows over Everton's defeat, since Kerry had been spotted earlier enjoying the pre-match hospitality at Goodison Park before the Manchester United game.
ANOTHER Sunday morning and the bookmakers were suffering from their usual hangovers after Value Scope had them drowning their sorrows after yet another satchel-smashing win.