drown in (something)

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drown in (something)

1. Literally, to die from asphyxiation while submerged in a liquid. No one is drowning in the ocean today—not on this lifeguard's watch!
2. To cause oneself, someone, or something die from asphyxiation while submerged in a liquid. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "drown" and "in." Virginia Woolf's writing career came to an end in 1941 when she drowned herself in the River Ouse.
3. To overwhelm someone with an abundance of something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "drown" and "in." I don't mean to drown you in paperwork, but I do need all of these documents filed today.
4. To be completely overwhelmed by the abundance of something. I need one of those interns to help me file today because I'm totally drowning in paperwork.
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drown (someone or an animal) in something

to cause someone or an animal to die of asphyxiation in a liquid. He accidentally drowned the cat in the bathtub. She drowned herself in the lake.
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drown someone in something

Fig. to inundate someone with something. (See also drown in something.) I will drown you in money and fine clothes. Mike drowned the nightclub singer in fancy jewels and furs.
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drown in something

1. . Lit. to be asphyxiated in some liquid. Wouldn't you hate to drown in that nasty, smelly water? lam not choosy about what I don't want to drown in.
2. Fig. to experience an overabundance of something. We are just drowning in cabbage this year. Our garden is full of it. They were drowning in bills, not money to pay them with.
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The high tides of the sea swept away over a dozen people in last one week raising alarm about the mounting death toll by drowning in the city.
A 14-year-old Indian boy dies after drowning in a swimming pool in a residential tower in Sharjah.
Two maids die while trying to rescue an Emirati child from drowning in a hotel swimming pool in Dibba, Fujairah.
An Afghan man in his late 30s dies by drowning in a hotel swimming pool in Bur Dubai.
The Royal Lifesaving Society will send experts into the community to warn about the dangers of drowning in response to recent tragedies.
The institutions are drowning in corruption and we are taking bold steps to bring them out of this quick sand.
Again, drowning in these cases would happen to individuals typically considered the least at risk.
In the last month alone, I have read four stories of children under the age of 2 drowning in unfenced pools.
Drowning in such a buoyant body of water is "almost impossible," note Israeli researchers from Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem in the January ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE.
Most incidents of drowning in the wadis happen after heavy rains.
This was a major topic at the World Congress on Drowning in Amsterdam in 2002.
Researchers additionally found that older African-American boys, those older than 10, had a risk of drowning in a swimming pool that was up to 15 times greater than their white peers.
It's not a common occurrence for an animal to rescue or retrieve someone that is drowning in the water,'' said Los Angeles city Fire Department spokesman Jim Wells.