drown (one's) sorrow(s)

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drown (one's) sorrow(s)

To attempt to forget one's troubles through the consumption of something, typically alcohol (to which the phrase originally referred). It's not healthy to just drown your sorrows every time a girl breaks up with you. Quit drinking and try to face reality. Whenever I have a hard week at work, I like to spend Friday night drowning my sorrow in pizza and ice cream.
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drown one's sorrows

Drink liquor to escape one's unhappiness. For example, After the divorce, she took to drowning her sorrows at the local bar. The notion of drowning in drink dates from the late 1300s.
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drown your sorrows

If someone drowns their sorrows, they drink a lot of alcohol in order to forget something sad that has happened to them. He was in the pub drowning his sorrows after the break-up of his relationship.
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drown your sorrows

forget your problems by getting drunk.
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drown your ˈsorrows

(informal, often humorous) try to forget your problems or a disappointment by drinking alcohol: Whenever his team lost a match he could be found in the pub afterwards drowning his sorrows.
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drown (one's) sorrow

To try to forget one's troubles by drinking alcohol.
See also: drown, sorrow
References in classic literature ?
He paid two dollars and a half a month rent for the small room he got from his Portuguese landlady, Maria Silva, a virago and a widow, hard working and harsher tempered, rearing her large brood of children somehow, and drowning her sorrow and fatigue at irregular intervals in a gallon of the thin, sour wine that she bought from the corner grocery and saloon for fifteen cents.
The previous evening she had been drowning her sorrows with friends and that morning downed a drink left from the night before.
Elizabeth Poznanski, 58, had been drowning her sorrows with friends and next morning had a drink left over from the night before.
HOLLY L is drowning her sorrows at The Loft when she gets a call from Jason to say that he's leaving the country with Robbie - so if she really wants to be with his brother, she needs to get to the airport.
DANCING on Ice casualty Pamela Anderson looks more than a little worse for wear after drowning her sorrows following her shock axing.
The 38-year-old, who began drowning her sorrows after a relationship break-up, hit a van in Ryton, Gateshead, on April 19 and left the scene without stopping.
Perhaps she was drowning her sorrows in a show of spousal solidarity.
SUBURBAN mum Terry Wolfmeyer (Joan Allen) reacts to the disappearance of her husband Grey (Danny Webb) by drowning her sorrows in drink.
She succumbs to drowning her sorrows in alcohol, but before long she's sobered up enough to go out and find a justice of the peace, Agnes Grunion (Margot Rifenbard) to marry Jon and Leslie.
KELLY Rowland's not one for drowning her sorrows after her protege Misha B got booted off The X Factor.
One of the workers drowning her sorrows was Sam Beck, 39, a technical claims handler who has worked at the centre for 20 years.
Judging by these pictures from new Living TV show Ibiza, which starts on Thursday, she's either drowning her sorrows or very, very thirsty.
Gez had been drowning her sorrows - sorry, celebrating - on Monday at restaurant San Lorenzo in London.