drown (one's) sorrow(s)

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drown (one's) sorrow(s)

To attempt to forget one's troubles through the consumption of something, typically alcohol (to which the phrase originally referred). It's not healthy to just drown your sorrows every time a girl breaks up with you. Quit drinking and try to face reality. Whenever I have a hard week at work, I like to spend Friday night drowning my sorrow in pizza and ice cream.
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drown one's sorrows

Drink liquor to escape one's unhappiness. For example, After the divorce, she took to drowning her sorrows at the local bar. The notion of drowning in drink dates from the late 1300s.
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drown your sorrows

If someone drowns their sorrows, they drink a lot of alcohol in order to forget something sad that has happened to them. He was in the pub drowning his sorrows after the break-up of his relationship.
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drown your sorrows

forget your problems by getting drunk.
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drown your ˈsorrows

(informal, often humorous) try to forget your problems or a disappointment by drinking alcohol: Whenever his team lost a match he could be found in the pub afterwards drowning his sorrows.
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drown (one's) sorrow

To try to forget one's troubles by drinking alcohol.
See also: drown, sorrow
References in classic literature ?
The skipper and his mate proceeded to drown their sorrow in cold tea.
ST JOHNSTONE fans will be able to toast Scottish Cup success - or drown their sorrows - with a special cup final commemorative beer Saints fan Stuart Ebdy has launched the limited edition ale - available in bottles or mini-kegs - ahead of the May 17 clash with Dundee United.
Val is heartbroken when Pollard starts divorce proceedings, he and Diane drown their sorrows, then get frisky.
The talented Portumna man usually comes to Ballybrit with his team-mates to drown their sorrows after getting knocked out of the All-Ireland.
The pair drown their sorrows and find comfort in each other, but will they cross the line?
Summary: Should they walk away empty handed, this year's Academy Award nominees can drown their sorrows with some Oscar branded champagne.
The Latics players could have been forgiven for jumping straight on the bus and heading straight back to Lancashire to drown their sorrows after Saturday's 4-0 mauling at Chelsea.
Those fans heading for the bars in the Jack Harris Stand at half-time during Saturday's game with Brighton were sadly unable to drown their sorrows - there was no lager
The Reds will take on Vitesse Arnhem in the third round of the tournament and we have again teamed up with Amstel, official sponsor of the Champions League for the past eight seasons, to offer readers the chance to win premium quality beer to drown their sorrows and wish Liverpool well in their new European campaign.
When Heidi finally plucked up the courage to speak to Chris, he was dragged away by other band members to drown their sorrows at winning only one gong.
Former sports minister Tony Banks wants the country to be given the day off on the Monday after the final, to let fans celebrate after the match - or drown their sorrows - without having to worry about getting up for work.
The pair drown their sorrows at a trendy nightclub where they meet Anne (Rachael Taylor) and her friend Natalie (Olivia Thirlby).
Cheers: Jimmy and gennie drown their sorrows ANXIOUS: Nicola and Jimmy wait for news about Angelica
and 35,000 Irish fans set off to drown their sorrows in London.