drown (one's) sorrow(s)

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drown (one's) sorrow(s)

To attempt to forget one's troubles through the consumption of something, typically alcohol (to which the phrase originally referred). It's not healthy to just drown your sorrows every time a girl breaks up with you. Quit drinking and try to face reality. Whenever I have a hard week at work, I like to spend Friday night drowning my sorrow in pizza and ice cream.
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drown one's sorrows

Drink liquor to escape one's unhappiness. For example, After the divorce, she took to drowning her sorrows at the local bar. The notion of drowning in drink dates from the late 1300s.
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drown your sorrows

If someone drowns their sorrows, they drink a lot of alcohol in order to forget something sad that has happened to them. He was in the pub drowning his sorrows after the break-up of his relationship.
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drown your sorrows

forget your problems by getting drunk.
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drown your ˈsorrows

(informal, often humorous) try to forget your problems or a disappointment by drinking alcohol: Whenever his team lost a match he could be found in the pub afterwards drowning his sorrows.
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drown (one's) sorrow

To try to forget one's troubles by drinking alcohol.
See also: drown, sorrow
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Nicola decides to drown her sorrows Meanwhile, Nicola is drinking heavily in the pub, drowning her sorrows as she's certain she's lost the election.
After that fails, Donna goes to drown her sorrows with a few drinks at the Vic, and Kush ends up helping her home later.
He said: "I believe she's drinking to drown her sorrows." He's probably right.
"I believe she's drinking to drown her sorrows. People tell me what she's doing."
I believe she's drinking to drown her sorrows. When I was at Chateau Marmont I saw bottles.
The mum-of-four has good reason to want to drown her sorrows.
The pair had a big bust-up on Wednesday, culminating in Lily storming out of her own 22nd birthday dinner to drown her sorrows at London cocktail bar Mahiki.
Kelly took the ex-Happy Mondays backing singer out on the town to drown her sorrows.
EastEnders (BBC1): Kat is determined to drown her sorrows.
Determined not to let him get to her, she burns the contents and then defiantly heads to Versus to drown her sorrows with a cocktail or three.
A WOMAN detective who had been drinking to drown her sorrows drove along a motorway on three wheels with a shower of flying sparks.