drive around

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drive around

1. To drive one to different places or sights. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "drive" and "around." When I visited my dad in Philadelphia, he drove me around and showed me all of the historical sites. I had to drive around my mom to six different stores until she found what she was looking for.
2. To drive through different parts of an area. Our neighborhood was so congested tonight that I had to drive around for half an hour before I found a parking space.
3. To drive aimlessly. Ever since Jack got his license, he spends most of his free time just driving around with his friends.
See also: around, drive

drive someone around something

to transport a person in a vehicle on a tour of something or some place. Fred will drive you around the city to see the sights. He spent an hour driving himself around town.
See also: around, drive

drive something around something

1. . to steer or propel something around something. Wally drove the small car around the post easily. Please drive your truck around the corner carefully.
2. to go in a vehicle through different parts of a place. He drove his new car around town, hoping everyone would see it. We drove the car around the parade route twice so everyone could get a good look at it.
See also: around, drive
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As Evelyn drove us around, we saw Hopi villages, consisting of ranch houses and manufactured-looking homes, that looked beatdown and dilapidated.
For 80 minutes, MC History drove us around the city's most impressive streets and landmarks by road and river.
Calling for information from people who may have unwittingly helped the gang, he said: "People who drove us around could come forward.
Ace driver Benjamin Rouget drove us around the track and guided us as to which gear was to be used at each corner.
He smoked a pipe and drove us around all the time; he was my best friend.
He drove us around the park for the first 50 minutes really well," he said.
I feel like a teenager, even if I have to buy milk, I want to go in my car," she said excitedly as she drove us around in her car.
The two young guys (Cruden and Smith) drove us around the park quite well in the second half," he said of the All Blacks' 21-11 victory over South Africa in Dunedin.
I was too young to drive on her car insurance and she wasn't able to drive, obviously, so her brother drove us around on our first date.
He collects Cadillacs, I think, and he turned up in this gorgeous white car and drove us around Malibu Beach all day.
I would just like to thank everybody who gave their time and money for the day including Dignity Funeral Service who picked us up and drove us around.
As Scott and Mark drove us around the farm to show us the lay of the land, access points, and key stand sites, I got pretty excited.
What fun my husband and I had as Chuck drove us around his acreage, stopping at his recording studio built from his own lumber, then enjoying a home-cooked meal prepared by his artist-wife, Rose Lane.
On a sunny late March morning as our tour guide drove us around Belfast, I caught sight of climbers, suspended on ropes, scaling the Europa Hotel's 1970s-modern exterior.
It was amazing - they drove us around in a limousine, and took us to this trendy club in the Meat Packing District, where we drank free Dom Perignon all night in the VIP area.