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n. an informer. (see also drop a dime.) I think that Taylor is the dime-dropper who caused the roust.


and popper and pill-dropper
n. anyone who takes pills frequently or habitually. I knew she was always ill, but I didn’t know she was a pill-dropper. He’s not a hypochondriac, just a pill-dropper.


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He commissioned Angels' Share Glass - which is run by father and daughter team Tom Young and Karen Somerville - to provide the unique dropper to enhance the set.
The most common dropper tie is to trail it on 18 inches of tippet from the hook bend of the primary.
Both the fish water dropper and the house-shaped water dropper are recognised as exquisite pieces in the museum's collection.
I like to use a bushy, wake-type fly on the top dropper, such as a Worm Fly, a Claret Bumble or a Soldier Palmer.
First Droppers have the smarts and the guts to think critically and act definitively," said Behr and Warden.
The Slim Cylinders, available in 125ml and 30ml sizes, are ideal for nutritional supplements and personal care products, which are normally dispensed with droppers, pumps or sprayers.
This water-based release agent is said to produce improved cosmetics and superior release of eye droppers and blood vial stoppers made from bromo and chlorobutyl elastomers.
LITTER droppers have been described as lazy and dirty and should be taken to court more often.
As to fining litter droppers, if the council cannot control illegal cycling in Queen Street, Albany Road and Cowbridge Road East, what chance has it got of curbing litter louts?
The applicator division made glass droppers used to dispense liquid medications.
June 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Food and Drug Administration today alerted parents and caregivers that some liquid Vitamin D supplement products are sold with droppers that could allow excessive dosing of Vitamin D to infants.
And we've got five brand new rides for 2004 including two new jaw droppers - Eagle's Claw and Trauma Tower, as well as the Amazing Maze, Magic Wheel and Horse and Cart.
The introductory shipment includes 17 different oils, Defense Capsules and Veggie Capsules, a carry case, oil droppers, and an oil spray.
They also made stage, nightclub and movie appearances and had their own NBC network game show, ``Name Droppers.
The worm is 200kB of code spaghetti, containing backdoors, code droppers, attack agents, key loggers and even a small web server