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One who snitches or informs on someone to a person of higher authority. Originally street slang for someone who informs to the police, it refers to the old price of using a public payphone (10 cents). Primarily heard in US. I bet Timmy's the dime-dropper—he's such a teacher's pet, always ready to tattle on any of the other students he thinks are misbehaving. He knew he was facing 10 years in prison, so he agreed to be a dime-dropper for the police in exchange for a lighter sentence.

pill dropper

slang Someone who frequently or habitually uses or abuses drugs prepared as pills or capsules. She started getting hooked on the pain pills her doctor prescribed, and before long she had become a full-blown pill dropper. I knew a couple of pill droppers in college who were always doing speed or ecstasy.
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n. an informer. (see also drop a dime.) I think that Taylor is the dime-dropper who caused the roust.


and popper and pill-dropper
n. anyone who takes pills frequently or habitually. I knew she was always ill, but I didn’t know she was a pill-dropper. He’s not a hypochondriac, just a pill-dropper.


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Water droppers were made in a variety of materials, including porcelain, metal, glass and jade.
It is an accelerated weight dropper system using an elastomer band to spring load the 45.5 kg (100 lb) weight.
The most common dropper tie is to trail it on 18 inches of tippet from the hook bend of the primary.
When the breeze eased off, Andy then armed his midge tip line with a cast of two Diawl Bachs on the middle dropper, an orange Blob on the top dropper and a white Cat on the tail.
When applying the lubricant into a 4/5-hole handpiece with dropper bottle, use the drive air tube only (Figure 3).
Cylindrical bottles are available in seven different sizes ranging from 5 mL to 100 mL, and are supplied with closures and dropper assemblies that fit the containers' standard 18 mm neck finishes.
To test pH, you can get a digital meter for about $50, or you can get litmus paper or a dropper kit like the ones used for pools.
Usually 10 mg/ml is prepared and poured into a sterile dropper bottle.
He may be defined by his coverage assignment - i.e., the weak hook dropper - or by position.
[USPRwire, Tue Jul 16 2019] Cookie Dropper machines can deposits and extrude a wide range of products including butter cookies, cream puffs, French macaroon, cupcakes, muffins and cheese straws.
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The report covers dropper, liquid, packer, and other bottle types, for oral care, liquid, droppers and topical medication applications.
Using a dropper and ear drops that have been warmed to body temperature, squeeze the bulb and let the drops fall into the centre of their ear.
You will need to add weight to get this rig to the bottom; do so by tying in a small dropper loop in the leader about a foot from where it connects to the doubled mainline.
Amber Glass Tincture Bottles w/ Dropper. Each of these bottles are manufactured from Boston Round glass and features a glass dropper that is designed to be durable to ensure long-term use.