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One who snitches or informs on someone to a person of higher authority. Originally street slang for someone who informs to the police, it refers to the old price of using a public payphone (10 cents). Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I bet Timmy's the dime-dropper—he's such a teacher's pet, always ready to tattle on any of the other students he thinks are misbehaving. He knew he was facing 10 years in prison, so he agreed to be a dime-dropper for the police in exchange for a lighter sentence.

pill dropper

slang Someone who frequently or habitually uses or abuses drugs prepared as pills or capsules. She started getting hooked on the pain pills her doctor prescribed, and before long she had become a full-blown pill dropper. I knew a couple of pill droppers in college who were always doing speed or ecstasy.
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n. an informer. (see also drop a dime.) I think that Taylor is the dime-dropper who caused the roust.


and popper and pill-dropper
n. anyone who takes pills frequently or habitually. I knew she was always ill, but I didn’t know she was a pill-dropper. He’s not a hypochondriac, just a pill-dropper.


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Since the brand has a variety of different types of products including creams, lotions and serums, the line includes a range of packages--glass jars with metal caps, plastic tubes, and classic glass dropper bottles, to name a few.
Shot gathers made with the ESS100 weight dropper contain four stacked shots and the shot gathers made with the seismic shot gun contain a single shot.
When experimenting, make the first fly the `safe' fly and take chances with the dropper.
Usually 10 mg/ml is prepared and poured into a sterile dropper bottle.
Strong Safety - flat dropper will cover the outside portion of #2 and #3 receivers, but initially puts his body inside #1 receiver.
Quantimetrix Dropper A1c is now available in a new 0.
The NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership, hosted by Velindre NHS Trust are acting on behalf of Cardiff and Vale University Local Health Board who are seeking to establish a contract for the supply of dropper bottles to the Welsh External Quality Assurance Service WEQAS .
VIROSPACK is the world leading developer and manufacturer of cosmetic dropper packs for skin, hair and nail treatments and cosmetics, and liquid foundation.
Using a dropper and ear drops that have been warmed to body temperature, squeeze the bulb and let the drops fall into the centre of their ear.
Each of these bottles are manufactured from Boston Round glass and features a glass dropper that is designed to be durable to ensure long-term use.
CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL DROPPER The Chewing Gum Action Group interviewed more than 1,000 gum droppers to find out why they don't bin their gum.
Comar will retain its glass pipette manufacturing capabilities to support its position as the industry leader in the sale of glass and plastic dropper assemblies.
I like to use a bushy, wake-type fly on the top dropper, such as a Worm Fly, a Claret Bumble or a Soldier Palmer.
In the lab, researchers mimicked falling rain by squeezing a dropper 1 or 2 meters over seed capsules.