drop (one's) teeth

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drop (one's) teeth

To show surprise. I don't know why everyone dropped their teeth when they heard I got the promotion—I'm as qualified for it as anyone!
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drop one's teeth

Fig. to react with great surprise. I almost dropped my teeth when she told me her news. They dropped their teeth when I told them I was married.
See also: drop, teeth
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drop one’s teeth

tv. to react with great surprise. I almost dropped my teeth when she told me her news.
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Fifteen minutes later, I eased one eyeball above a ridge and nearly dropped my teeth. There, about 100 yards below me, was the whole herd.
It was so slick and smooth that I about dropped my teeth. In disbelief, I pressed the action release and cycled the action again and again- smooth as a hare's ear.
When I opened my July 22 issue of GRIT, I almost dropped my teeth ...
I peeked over the edge through a sage bush, and nearly dropped my teeth! The buck was less than 20 yards away and walking directly at me.
I turned the focus dial on my binoculars...and nearly dropped my teeth. What I saw was an even larger, more impressive Oddball than I had seen two years before!
I glanced down the mountain --and nearly dropped my teeth. The bull was 30 yards from Billy's fire, eyeballing the horses and my guide.