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The panel were stunned when the 18-year-old dropped his drawers on Saturday's programme to reveal the girls' first names on his right bum cheek.
When disbelieving singer Alex Kapranos challenged the funnyman to prove it, Skinner dropped his drawers.
CORNELL JACKSON, on trial for armed burglary and aggravated assault, sang this, then dropped his drawers and mooned a jury in a Panama City, Florida, courtroom.
At the dance's climax, perhaps, sensing that Stuart was sucking up the attention, Lachambre dropped his drawers in a moment of spastic jubilation.
Judge Jim Parsons of Palestine, Texas, had just sentenced Ray Mason to eight years in prison for aggravated assault when Mason dropped his drawers.
Ever since Robert Carlyle dropped his drawers and left his hat on, every British comedy on release has been hoping for a slice of The Full Monty's box-office glory.