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The lockout continues, the new drop-dead date approaches.
The original drop-dead date for approving Schwarzenegger's package for the March 2 presidential primary ballot was Dec.
To me, if we are making significant progress in the 30 days but do not have everything settled, it would not be a drop-dead date.
Only an all-night bargaining session on the eve of a self-imposed drop-dead date saved the NBA from that horrible fate, and today owners will be voting to ratify an agreement, rather than a death certificate.
When NBA commissioner David Stern recently declared a drop-dead date in the league's protracted labor dispute, it triggered flashbacks to the 1994 yuletide season for the likes of Phoenix forward Bob Corkum and Kings defenseman Rob Blake.
7 drop-dead date to cancel the NBA season closing in, he said Saturday that he expects to reach out to commissioner David Stern today and he wants to schedule a meeting with the principals involved for this week.
He's strategically refused to set a drop-dead date for saving the season to keep his adversary off kilter.
Stern has consistently refused to give a drop-dead date, saying the season will simply expire on its own at some point.
Monday is the first drop-dead date for the cheapest shipments to the East Coast, and packages headed to Western states should be shipped by the end of next week to ensure delivery by Christmas, said Terri Bouffiou, Postal Service spokeswoman for Southern California.
He also noted that some other builders already have similar customer communications when they program three-month drop-dead dates into the controls on machines they sell to customers with bad credit ratings.
For instance, if time is a factor, it's important to establish drop-dead dates for the project,' says Sisko.