drop (one) a line

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drop (one) a line

To contact someone, usually with a letter, note, or phone call. I know you'll be busy enjoying yourself, but please, drop me a line on your trip. I'll drop you a line once I get settled in at school.
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drop someone a line and drop someone a few lines; drop someone a note

to write a letter or a note to someone. (The line refers to lines of writing.) I dropped Aunt Jane a line last Thanks giving. She usually drops me a few lines around the first of the year. Drop me a note when you get a chance.
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drop a line

Correspond, write a short letter or note. For example, I hope you'll drop me a line soon. This idiom uses line in the sense of "a few words in writing," a usage first recorded in 1647.
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drop someone a line

send someone a note or letter in a casual manner.
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drop somebody a ˈline/ˈnote

(informal) write a short letter, message, etc. to somebody: I dropped her a line inviting her to my birthday party.
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