drop (one's) aitches

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drop (one's) aitches

To not pronounce the "h" sound (typically when it appears at the beginning of words), as is done by speakers in some parts of England. She's been dropping her aitches to try to fit in with the other kids.
See also: aitch, drop

drop your aitches

fail to pronounce the ‘h’ sound, especially at the beginning of words.
In Britain, dropping your aitches is considered by some to be a sign of a lack of education or of inferior social class.
1903 George Bernard Shaw Man & Superman This man takes more trouble to drop his aitches than ever his father did to pick them up.
See also: aitch, drop

ˌdrop your ˈaitches

not pronounce the ‘h’ sound, especially at the beginning of a word, where it is pronounced in standard English
This is a feature of some English accents, for example the London one.
See also: aitch, drop
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To me it's liKe watching an episode of 90210 starring a shop window full of Bratz dolls who've magically come to life, habitually drop their aitches and struggle with their stilted dialogue.
STREET sign manufacturers have been told to drop their aitches after mis-spelling the name of one of Rugby's most famous sons.
On the other we have Catherine Cookson's working-class heroines who know poverty and drop their aitches.