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You can incur a one-stroke penalty, drop the ball outside the hazard two club lengths from the point where it last crossed the margin of the hazard and play another shot from there.
You drop the ball outside the water hazard within two club-lengths of (i) the point where the original ball entered the hazard or (ii) a point on the opposite margin of the water hazard equidistant from the hole.
The difference is you basically just drop the ball straight down and you kick it as hard as you can, and because of the way you drop it you can't kick it as far.
If you want to win a match you can't afford to drop the ball like we did so many times.
He was preparing to play again when playing partner Billy Andrade asked him if he was sure he did not have to drop the ball a second time.
But Painter caught the United defence asleep and dispossessed Bradley to drop the ball on to the head of Farrell to score the winner in the last few seconds.
Drop the ball to the ground and let it bounce so your observer can spot how high it bounces alongside the ruler.
By being literally in the middle of the supply chain, we can't ever afford to drop the ball.
He knows I don't intend to drop the ball, and he said, `I'll keep throwing to you,' '' Williams said.
I saw her drop the ball out of the corner of my eye, so I took off.
Once, the 7-0 Jim lifted his son to the basket and let him drop the ball through the hoop.