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would she drop one little tear upon his poor, lifeless form, would she heave one little sigh to see a bright young life so rudely blight- ed, so untimely cut down?
One day while I was making them I happened to drop one of them, and one of Billina's chickens gobbled it up.
exclaimed the scout, whose eyes began to glisten with the ardor of his usual occupation; "if they come within range of a bullet I will drop one, though the whole Six Nations should be lurking within sound
And let us, my brethren who have not our names in the Red Book, console ourselves by thinking comfortably how miserable our betters may be, and that Damocles, who sits on satin cushions and is served on gold plate, has an awful sword hanging over his head in the shape of a bailiff, or an hereditary disease, or a family secret, which peeps out every now and then from the embroidered arras in a ghastly manner, and will be sure to drop one day or the other in the right place.
But I shall not therefore drop one iota of my convictions, or cease to identify myself with that truth which an evil generation hates.
Hull, now five Championship games without defeat, also drop one place to seventh amid a competitive promotion picture, with both sides boasting a game in hand on their rivals.
The SNP would drop one to 46 while the Lib Dems would go from 16 seats to six and the Tories from 17 to eight.
The workers' compensation rates of New Jersey for the New Year will drop one percent, the first decrease in rates in eight years.
Glenn Loovens is a big miss due to his suspension and I hope that Darren Purse has a good game and doesn't drop one of his clangers.
The melting, which occurs each summer in the Arctic, has seen the sea ice drop one million square miles below the long-term average minimum, which is equivalent to an area the size of Alaska and Texas put together, or 10 UKs, the scientists said.
A VILLAGE wants to drop one of its two names to exorcise the memory of a harsh landlord.
And should the Cardinals drop one or two in the next few weeks, are those same jug-totin' supporters prepared to load up the coal-powered, wood-panneled suburban wagon and follow the boys to the Poinsettia Bowl?
He may march to his own drum, but damn it if he did not just drop one hell of a good Circa video part.
agreed in February to drop one count of sexual assault against Rev.
There are a lot of points at stake but I would hope at some point we could drop one or two fixtures.