drop on

drop (someone or something) on (someone or something)

1. To let someone or something fall from one's grasp onto someone or something else. If you drop the cat on the floor, don't be surprised if she comes back and nips you. The box was so unwieldy that I dropped it on my foot.
2. To deliver something unpleasant to someone, often bad news. I'm sorry to drop all of that on you, but I had to tell someone about my mom's illness.
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drop someone or something on someone or something

to release something so it falls on someone or something. Poor Alice dropped an iron on her toe. I accidentally dropped the baby on the floor.
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drop something on someone

1. . Lit. to let something fall on someone. The bricklayer dropped some mortar on me.
2. Fig. to give someone some bad news. (As if dropping a burden on someone.) Sally dropped some really bad news on Walter. I'm sorry I had to drop it on you like that.
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